Did Maximilian Dood Just Pull THE WORST Blackout Move Ever???

Did Maximilian Dood Just Pull THE WORST Blackout Move Ever
Image source: Twitch.tv/

Maximilian Dood was doing a live stream of Blackout playing a three man squad with Link112398 and Linrooolie when he and Link were the last ones left; with the zone closing in Maximilian Dood pulls one of the worst moves in Call of Duty Blackout history!

Maximilian Dood Streaming

Maximilian Dood is a popular Twitch and YouTube streamer who has a combined 1.5 million followers on both platforms. He’s proud to sa he has the biggest fighting game channel on Youtube. He does commentaries, reviews, short films and multiple fighting game coverage. Currently he streams Blackout a lot on his stream as it’s the game choice for players coming up to Christmas.

Playing Blackout

We know Maximilian Dood is a huge fighting game nut who plays Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat predominantly on his channel, which is why seeing him play Blackout was a nice surprise for his streamers recently.

Max was running a 3-man squad with Link112398 and Linrooolie. Linrooolie died which then left Max and Link left. They’ve managed to battle it out in the end with the zone closing in. It was at this point where everything went down.

Maximilian Dood Playing Call of Duty Blackout on Twitch
Image source: twitch.tv/maximilian_dood

As seen in the image above, Maximilian Dood and Link112398 were caught at the edge of the enclosing zone and actually feel into the dead zone. At this point, because they were at the end of the final minutes in the match the safe zone was at it’s last progression which only meant that their opponents were waiting for them to come into the safe zone.

Link112398 ended up dying instantly while nearing the safe zone, and this is when Maximilian Dood pulled the worst move in Blackout history. He “by accident” pulled out his dance moves while 1) being stuck in the danger zone and 2) being shot at by the enemy. He then dies loosing the match.

You can hear his teammates screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” while Maximilian Dood is left dancing in the final seconds. “DON’T DANCE DON’T DANCE” is what his teammates were screaming as well. It seems as this wasn’t the first time this “dance” happened as Maximilian Dood is heard saying “I am taking that off again”.

One of the more funny scenes of last nights Blackout matches!

Watch the Maximilian Dood Worst Blackout Move Twitch clip below:

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