Destiny Has Awkward Encounter With LilyPichu – Leaves Him in Hot Waters After What He Says

Destiny Has Awkward Encounter With LilyPichu Call of Duty Blackout Stream
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Destiny and LilyPichu go way back fighting some incredible battles on League of Legends and being a great team. But this time around things turn a little awkward when LilyPichu crashes one of Destiny’s Blackout streams and asks to play.

Destiny Has Awkward Encounter With LilyPichu During One of His Streams

It seems like you can’t watch a clip of Destiny playing League of Legends without having LilyPichu there. Both being big YouTube stars, LilyPichu being the bigger star having just over 1.3 million followers on YouTube. Her YouTube channel consists of Anime talk which is her main topic, however, she plays a lot of League of Legends which is where she connects with Destiny.

Wanna play Blackout?

During one of Destiny’s streams, someone joined in his call and enter the room. The caller name “LilyPichu” asked “Hey guys can can I play?”.

MrSheep hesitates as he probably knows that LilyPichu hasn’t played much Blackout (of Call of Duty games in general) and will hold them back. Destiny’s buddy then says

Can you?MrSheep

Do you really want to?” – Destiny

We can play League together” – MrSheep

You want to play League?” – LilyPichu

Do you want to play League Steve (Destiny)” – MrSheep

LilyPichu Anime Call of Duty Blackout YouTube Star
Image source: Instagram – lilypichu
Can’t Hide Your Emotions

You can see at this point that Destiny looks a little annoyed, if not agitated by the request as it’s slowing things down with Blackout. Destiny then says to MrSheep “She wants to play some Blackout you f**king moron“. Destiny then speaks to LilyPichu and with an annoyed voice says “Do you have a 4th person Lily“.

Lily at this point says if it has to be four people to play. Destiny says no it doesn’t (but we all know that you won’t win if you have 3 players fighting against teams of 4 unless you get lucky). LilyPichu then asks if she’s “3rd wheeling“, meaning being a 3rd wheel of a car which also means improper functionality.

At this point things get a little awkward as LilyPichu says she should have pm’d Destiny on discord (probably seeing how annoyed he is). Destiny then tries to warm things up and asks LilyPichu to stay as if she’s not an annoyance to him. At this point LilyPichu leaves leaving some animosity in the air. That’s when Destiny lets it out and says:

“If you don’t wanna play with us that’s fine don’t make a fu*king excuse. Did she leave? I hate it when girls do that kind of shit”.

Generalizing that “girls” do that “sh*t” was a wrong choice of words, and could possibly lead Destiny into hot waters as it can be classified as a “sexist” remark. There hasn’t been any turmoil yet, but let’s hope that Destiny re-watched certain parts of his stream from Twitch clippers and see’s this moment. It’s inexcusable and when you’re streaming in front of thousands of viewers, you have a duty to upload a level of professionalism (aka, emotional check).

Full Twitch clip of Destiny and LilyPichu interaction:

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