Dellor Makes It Back to Twitch.Tv After Being Banned

Dellor Makes It Back to Twitch.Tv After Being Banned

Controversial streamer Dellor is finally making it back to Twitch after serving a one month ban due to inappropriate comments during a live stream.

Dellor Heading Back to Twitch

Dellor is a full-time streamer and ex-esports player who is known to cause controversy when he streams. Known as the “Rage Gamer”, Dellor typically goes on a screaming rant if things don’t go his way. There was that time when Dellor had a nervous breakdown because his donors kept spamming him with comments. There was another time when Dellor wanted to prove to his viewers that he breaks keyboards whenever he feels like this.

Although all of this might sound made-up, it’s literally not. However, Dellor does have a calm side which we do see from time to time. However, his viewers seem to know how to get under his skin and push his buttons. Well, this time it wasn’t his viewers that were angering him, it was his teammate in Apex Legends. Last month Dellor was playing Apex Legends when one of his teammates ended up picking up an item that he needed. This turned into a fight between the two with Dellor exchanging insults with his teammate. During the exchange, Dellor said some comments regarding the person’s gender. Because of that, he was banned from Twitch.

Apology and Return

Dellor was luckily banned for only 30 days from Twitch. At the end of his video, he said he was thankful it wasn’t a permanent ban. and that he apologized to the person he insulted. Now, on May 30th, Dellor gets to go back to streaming on Twitch, which is where he makes a living as he stated. Not being on Twitch significantly impacted him and with this experience, hopefully, he’ll be wiser with his choice of words.

Dellor just released a new video showing his excitement for the return by breaking a bunch of keyboards (which he is known for doing). Will Dellor continue with his raging persona? Or will the ban change his style of streaming? Here’s his latest video.

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