CorinnaKopf Tries To Show Tfue In His Underwear On Stream. Finally Gets Him.

CorinnaKopf Tries Show Tfue In Underwear On Stream. Finally Gets Him.
  • Things are going very well with CorinnaKopf and Tfue, so much that Corinna tries to get every chance at embarrassing Tfue while on stream. Check out her latest attempt.

CorinnaKopf And Tfue

A few months ago, Tfue went to his Twitter account to tweet a broken heart emoji. Many were wondering what was happening at it’s not very “Tfue” to show that side of him. Fans quickly found out that CorinnaKopf and Tfue were no longer together. Once coined the cutest streaming couple on Twitch have now broken apart. There were rumors flying around as to why the couple broke up, but eventually, Corinna stated that the distance between them was starting to be too much for her to handle. Tfue lives in Florida while Corinna Kopf lives in LA. It was a long distance relationship bound to cause a strain on the relationship.

However, it seems like the break-up didn’t last too long, and although CorinnaKopf and Tfue didn’t post anything in their Instagram account, they were found streaming together last month with both streamers playing Fortnite at each other’s place, confirming things are back to normal.

Some people took to their Instagram page to ask questions about the relationship because they were still left confused whether or not things are real, and if they are indeed back together.

tfue and corinnakopf back together Instagram
Source: Corinna IG

CorinnaKopf Tries To Show Tfue In His Underwear On Stream

Things between the two popular streamers seem to get better with each passing day, so much so that CorinnaKopf is incredibly playful with Tfue while on stream. She even tries to embarress him a bit by showing Tfue in his underwear.

Even when Tfue tries to go to bed, Corinna is pulling him back in her stream to make him play Fortnite with her. She even goes to say, “You be the mouse and I’ll be the key”. It seems like a game Corinna is playing, to try and have a little fun with Tfue by embarrassing him. And there’s nothing more embarrassing than to have thousands of viewers see you in your underwear. It’s like that bad nightmare where you’re doing a public speech and realize you’re in your underwear.

Well, persistence pays off, and Corinna finally gets Tfue:

With all this fun the two are having, they are surely in a happy place. There won’t be any break ups happening anytime soon, and to be honest, it’s great to see the couple like this again.

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