CinCinBear Shares Thoughts about Twitch Image

CinCinBear Shares Thoughts Twitch Postures Cinthya Alicea
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CinCinBear was streaming Apex Legends when she got into a discussion of how some streamers have a certain look that they want to portray while streaming. Check out the video below.

Who is CinCinBear?

Cinthya Alicea, known by her streamer name “CinCinBear” is a full time Twitch streamer and online influencer. CinCinBear has been growing her Twitch channel rather quickly, having close to 500k followers in a short span of time. As well, she’s very active on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, creating content for her followers such as taking pictures of beautiful scenery and making vlogs on YT. CinCinBear is also a Animal Rights Activist.

On her personal side, she’s also a NSFW Model and has a dedicated patron page as another side of her online business. Fans of CinCinBear can catch her on her Twitch channel most of the time playing Apex Legends (which she’s really good at).

CinCinBear Shares Candid Thoughts

As an online influencer, CinCinBear knows what it takes to be presentable for her followers, and actually goes into a candid conversation during one of her recent streams.

CinCinBear goes on in her video about how some streamers have to put on a certain mask (posture) to show off a “sexy body“. She goes on to say the streamers then pose in a certain way to have the look they want. However, she then says if girls actually were in a normal posture that perhaps they wouldn’t look a certain way that viewers want to see. CinCinBear then does a gesture with her stomach, hinting that the perfect stomach would be no more.

She then started laughing as it’s quite a funny thought. Many streamers don’t care about their image and how they come across; being in their natural state the entire time. But there are streamers who take their streaming seriously and want to portray a particular image. She continues, saying:

“Everyone has relaxed body and then erect body.”

The same can be said about every day life. Many of us go into a “mask” state when we’re outside of our home. Whether it’s the way you look going to work, or how you interact at a social gathering. There’s a certain level on consciousness that goes into the way we want to be perceived in public. Not everyone is like this, but there’s an interesting book titled The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene which explains this idea. A great read for the curious mind.

CinCinBear Cinthya Alicea Model Twitch Streamer YouTube
Image source: CinCinBear Twitch

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