Baby Disrespect Takes Over Twitch Show. “My dad has a poo poo butt”.

Baby Disrespect Takes Over Daddy's Twitch Show

There’s a new show in town, and it’s called the Baby Disrespect show. The only person that Dr Disrespect would take trash talk from would be his daughter. Watch this adorable clip of The Doc with his daughter.

Baby Disrespect Show

During one of Dr Disrespect’s Apex Legends stream, he had an unexpected guest show up to his Champion’s den. What could possibly be the most adorable moment caught on Twitch history, the big, bad, and disrespectful Twitch streamer showed some signs of heart. Watch the moment Dr Disrespects daughter crashes his set.

It all started when the Doc finished up a game of Apex Legends. That’s when someone entered the champion’s den and caught him off guard. Was it a stealth Ninja infiltrating Dr Disrespects chambers? Was it one of his opponents from the Blockbuster championships 93′ or 94′ tournament that were coming back for revenge?

It was neither. Dr Disrespect was suprised by none other, Baby Disrespect. As she entered the room, she went up to the Mic and said,

“My dad has a poo poo butt.”

Dr Disrespect Never Breaks Character

Once Baby Disrespect said that comment, the Doc looked up in shock. Then TSM Viss could be heard saying, “Is that Baby Disrespect?”. As the clip continued. Baby Disrespect said to TSM Viss, “It’s Mr Poo Poo Butt to you“.  That’s when the Doc had enough and told Baby Disrespect, “this is my show!”. She replied back, “No it’s not. It’s mine”. Both the Doc and his daughter has a hilarious exchange, until he finally picked her up and put her back on the ground to go back, presumably, to Mama Disrespect.

What does this appearance mean? Could Dr Disrespect have a future sidekick down the line? Will he need help to defend his quarters from a hostile attack? We’re unsure, but what we do know is that there’s definitely a small little chair waiting for Baby Disrespect when she graduates Champion’s University, which won’t be for another 20 years. Until then, Dr Disrespect is doing just fine holding up the fort.

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