AvalancheTwitch’s Wild Weekend

Avalanche face reveal at 21st birthday party
Image Source: AvalancheTwitch Twitter

Recovering strengths, “the squad” keeps up with the party as Avalanche turns 21 and shows that it’s not only about mystery but also about partying.

AvalancheTwitch’s Wild Weekend

We’ve recently seen that most of the players in the Fortnite community have more than just “job comrades”  and they can hang out on stream as well as offline. This is the case with AvalancheTwitch, who many will remember as being anonymous for a very long time.

AvalancheTwitch is one of the most iconic names on twitter and CoD . Even with more than 49k followers on twitter nobody knew what he looked like until December 16. He accepted to appear on a live twitch stream “The Mob”.  Reveling his true identity in front of thousand of viewers and finally banishing the mystery of the Justin Timberlake’s pic on his Twitter profile. He’s still in an awesome position when it comes to streams and the players community.

Squad Members

We can’t talk about a party without talking about the guests. We saw @Nadeshot hanging with a bunch of other highlighted streamer in Fortnite community last Friday.

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Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag , CEO of 100t, had have a busy weekend attending different party birthdays in company of close friends while “NICKMERCS” looks like he’s really enjoying the get together.

All of them look to be having an awesome time together. There is always time for family and friends, even if you are a full time streamer and this is the case for most of them.

Jake “CouRage” Dunlop also a well-known Fortnite streamer managed to attend both “Valkyrae” and “AvalancheTwitch” parties as well.

There has been a rise in streamers visiting LA for promos and partying. However, streamers like Tfue, mention it’s best not to live there as you can lose focus on your work very easy with so many distractions.

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