Asmongold Gets Called Out During Ashes of Creation Livestream

Asmongold Gets Called Out During Ashes of Creation Livestream
  • Popular streamer Asmongold was at his wit’s end after Ashes of Creation live stream saw devs taking a dig at the “balding” streamer during a recent dev showcase of the game.

Asmongold is one of the biggest names in the wow community and he has been championing the brand-new MMORPG Ashes of Creation. During a recent dev stream, the developers of the upcoming game were talking about their character creator and the vast diversity that it offers. While discussing customization changes, one of the developers pointed out that the default bald character model looks a lot like Asmongold. It was of course just a silly joke.

Asmongold later was live on stream and was watching the devs talk about Ashes of Creation. When the little fun snippet came up, his reaction was priceless. One of the devs stated that the team wants to “aim for the stars” on the character creator front. The character creator body models are still a work in progress. He gets interrupted in the clip as one of the female devs called out that a lot of people are interested in the races in the game and quips.

Asmongold: Are You ****ing Kidding Me?

It was actually one of the viewers in the official Ashes of Creation live stream that pointed out, the character looks like a bald Asmongold and the developer reiterated the same to his peers. As soon as Asmongold saw that he yelled “Are you ****ing kidding me?!”. Everyone had a great laugh and it was nice to see the developers let loose for a bit.

In case you guys didn’t know Asmongold has been streaming Ashes of Creation since the beta. Despite his loyal WoW following, both he and his twitch followers are impressed with the game. Will Asmongold finally move away from WoW? Or is he unhappy with the game in its current state?

It is unlikely that Asmongold is unhappy with the current state of World of Warcraft. He pointed out on stream multiple times that he loves the community. Even when popular streamer Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein passed away, Asmongold claimed that the WoW community can be very toxic but it’s moments like these that they come together. With Shadowlands right around the corner and not much new content headed our way in WoW, Asmongold has been tinkering with other games, and Ashes of Creation happens to be one of them.

Ashes of Creation may finally be one of the games that challenge the likes of World of Warcraft and it will be interesting to see how it fares against the likes of WoW and Final Fantasy 14. Popular streamers are very impressed with the game and it may be the next best thing on the platform.

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