AnikiChad drops cake on stream while celebrating his birthday

AnikiChad drops cake on stream while celebrating his birthday
  • AnikiChad, a Twitch streamer recently had an embarrassing moment when he dropped his birthday cake during a live stream.

Who is AnikiChad?

AnikiChad is a streamer who regularly streams on the popular Twitch category, “Just Chatting”.  AnikiChad has a pretty big following, with just a little over 6500 followers. While on Twitch, AnikiChad likes to interact with his viewers, likes to draw on mspaint and sometimes plays some video games like Stardew Valley.

AnikiChad is one of many on Twitch who is diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics (source). Chad will regularly get tics while streaming, and he’ll blurt out random swear words, or say his signature, “Go get em, tiger“. It’s not that he wants to be offensive, but it’s one of the symptoms with Tourettes. Tics can be more frequent if people with Tourettes are around each other. Sweet_Anita, another Twitch streamer with Tourettes and good friend of Chad explains what tics are more frequent when she is around others with the same disorder:

Birthday Stream

In one of AnikiChad’s recent stream, he was celebrating his birthday and decided to bake a cake to enjoy with all of his viewers. He started the stream saying that “today’s the first birthday is a long time that I’m happy celebrating” because he gets to do it with his followers.

AnikiChad Twitch Streamer


Throughout Chad’s stream, he was working on his Pepe cake, which is the green frog emote Twitch viewers use in the chat box. It took him an hour to put together, not taking into consideration the baking.

AnikiChad streamer birthday cakeOnce Chad was finished creating his Pepecake, he turned off his green screen to show his viewers. While showcasing his cake, Chad’s tics would kick in here and there, with the signature, “Go get em tiger”. But at one point while getting his feelings across, he had a tic that jolted the cake out of his hands and hit the green screen all the way to the ground. Here’s the 1-hour cake job ruined in 2 seconds:

He couldn’t believe it and everyone who was on the call laughed and were screaming “no!!!”. Although it was heartbreaking for Chad and his viewers, he still found some light in all of it, saying that the most important thing is that he’s there celebrating his birthday with his followers. It’s a nice touch to a tragic end to the Pepe cake.

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