Andy Milonakis Sleeps During Destiny’s Blackout Stream

Andy Milonakis Sleeps During Destiny's Blackout Stream
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Steven Kenneth Bonnell II aka Destiny was streaming Call of Duty Blackout with xQc and TrainwrecksTV when they all heard unsuspected sound coming out of nowhere. 

Destiny, also known as Steven Kenneth Bonnell II is a Twitch streamer and YouTube personality. He streams Black Ops 4, LoL and Starcraft 2. He mostly plays LoL and Black Ops 4 at the moment and plays with other well known streamers such as LilyPichu, TrainwrecksTv and xQc. Prior to his streaming life, Destiny was a professional Starcraft 2 player who played with Quantic. Since then he spends his efforts streaming Black Ops 4 and League of Legends.

Streaming Call of Duty Blackout

In one of his most recent streams, Destiny was running a 3 man squad which included xQc, and TrainwrecksTv. During the gameplay, xQc and Destiny both have died leaving TrainwrecksTv by himself. While discussing the surroundings, a strange sound could be hear through the channel. At first Destiny, TrainwrecksTv and xQc didn’t think anything about, continuing with their discussion. Then Destiny says: “What the f**k is that“. xQc jumps in and says “somebody is snoring“.

Destiny and xQc Har someone Snoring in Blackout Stream
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“Wait, is Andy sleeping?” – Destiny

“Yeah he is”TrainwrecksTv

Destiny then starts to laugh that Andy is sleeping, while xQc says to kick him out of the chat. So who is Andy you may ask? It’s Andy Milonakis:

It seems that Andy had a long night the day before and wasn’t able to stay up during the Blackout streaming; that or he was just bored watching the Blackout stream. That we’ll never know, but we do know that Andy responded to a Reddit post talking about this very incident under the user name “andymilonakis“. He says in the reddit post; “i wasn’t sleeping, i was trolling 🙂 :)”. 

One Reddit user decided to add fuel to the fire by saying “Sit. Ea in which Andy responded with:

“make tv shows, movies, albums, live tours across America, travel the world, respond to people on reddit that most likely has done way less with their lives. – Andy


A little rough to say the least but he had to defend himself in some way shape or form.

Here’s a clip from TrainwrecksTv point of view:

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