Aceu Offers $12,000 To Troll Who Said He’s Not Better Than Shroud

Aceu Offers $12,000 To Troll Who Said He's Not Better Than Shroud
  • Aceu recently put a troll on the spot by offering him $12,000 after he was told he’s not better than Shroud in Apex Legends.

NRG Esports

One of the most talented Apex Legends teams in the world is NRG. Although they haven’t been able to claim a major title during ESPN’s EXP series, they have done great at Twitch Rivals events, placing first at TwitchCon in San Diego in late September. NRG Esports has grown to be a major esports organization, and by entering the Apex Legends competitive scene, they’ve become much more popular. NRG was the 1st esports team to sign a competitive Apex Legends player, and the happened to sign one of the best players to play the game, NRG Dizzy. They completed their Apex Legends line-up officially by signing Aceu (who replaced KingRichard) and Mohr. This helped NRG establish a solid squad that they can build off of.

Aceu Offers $12,000 To Troll

Aceu has grown his popularity when he joined NRG, and many Apex fans were able to see a humble, yet, highly skilled player who’s considered one of the best players in the world. He recently won MVP at the most recent TwitchCon and took a picture of the trophy to show his fans on Twitter:

When Aceu isn’t participating in events, he’s streaming on his Twitch channel. In a recent stream, Aceu and his team just finished a game where they were the champions of the match. The team was impressive, and Aceu had some highlight-reel moments in the match. After the game, one user in the chatbox said,

“You ain’t better than Shroud.”

This caught the attention of Aceu who picked up on that right away. In general, streamers have become better with responding to trolls, and most of the time these trolls are ignored. But in some cases, they are called out and Aceu responded to the troll right away.

Aceu knew he never said that he was better than Shroud in Apex Legends. And why would he need to? His accomplishments in the game speak for itself, and although Shroud is a great Apex Legends player, so is Aceu. Both have different styles of playing and comparing the two would be a little silly. But to make sure that nothing was taken out of context, Aceu had to reply back making sure that his viewers know he never said anything like him being better than Shroud.

Troll on Twitch Aceu NRG

“ItsDufo, if you go into my vlog and you clip me saying I’m better than Shroud, except me saying it right there, I will give you $6000 Paypal. You know what? Let’s make it $10,000 Paypal. F**k it. $12,000 Paypal.” – Aceu

At this point, Aceu was offering that much money to show that he never said he was better than Shroud, and that he’s willing to bet that kind of money. His true fans in the chat kept replying back with POG, and also laughing at the troll who made the comment. Some might say that Aceu could have ignored the comment, but being as humble as he is he probably wanted to make sure that there were no false assumptions behind the comment.

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