According to Shroud Mixer Will Pass Twitch in Long Term

According to Shroud Mixer Will Pass Twitch in Long Term
  • Popular streamer and ex-pro player Shroud explained why he believed Mixer will be successful in the long term.

Streaming wars continue in the gaming world, and when we are looking at the potential of the new streaming platforms, it’s hard to compare them to Twitch. Twitch has been the leader for everything related to video game streaming and streamers. Streaming alone has became a full-time job and may people benefited from it. Of course, it does not always end with a happy ending but it is a huge industry now. After big companies noticed the potential of streaming platforms we have seen many changes in this new industry. For example, big streamers can sign exclusive contracts now. Shroud was one of the first big names to sign a contract with Mixer and he explained why he believes that Mixer will be successful.

Shroud Talks Mixer VS Twitch

According to Shroud, Mixer can only battle against Twitch in the long term and Microsoft has the funds to wait. This is of course true, however, currently we need to realize that the gap between Twitch and Mixer is huge. Shroud stated,

“Twitch has been around for longer, therefore there are more people there, so a lot of people don’t think of the long-con. They don’t think of the long play. They just think of the short-term play.”

Of course, since Shroud was able to sign a contract he no longer needs to worry a lot about keeping a huge viewer base anymore, since he is earning a flat rate. Shroud stated that since Twitch has been around for longer it has a more established streamer base but this created over saturation, and over time, people will start streaming on other platforms rather Twitch.

His remarks are true to some degree. Of course, we all know that Twitch is not only good for gamers, but many celebrities are also connecting with their fans through Twitch. However, while Microsoft has the funds to wait and see, in the long term we can see Mixer closing abruptly. Streaming was one of the least affected industries in the whole world during the epidemic. This created an influx of new viewers. But things are beginning to turn back to normal around the world and we will see viewer numbers drop considerably in the future.

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