Here Are 20 of Dota 2’s Best Streamers To Binge While You’re Stuck At Home

Best Dota 2 Streamers To watch

Here is a list of the best non-professional Dota 2 Twitch Streamers. These streamers occupy four different categories, so you will surely find the right one to spend your time with!

This list is divided into four parts. They are:

  • Personality focused
  • Educationally focused
  • Skill-focused
  • Chill streams to just hangout

The categories are pretty self-explanatory, but I have carefully selected the 20 best non-professional Dota streamers and placed them into these sections. From the adrenaline junkie looking for the best of the best to the absolute newbie looking for some tips, this list has something for everyone.


This category is one of the most popular categories on the Dota section of Twitch, and for good reason. When categorizing Twitch streams, the biggest differentiating factor between each stream is the streamer themselves.

1. AdmiralBulldog
AdmiralBulldog Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Image Source: AdmiralBulldog IG

At the top of our list, is one of the biggest streamers out there, Admiral Bulldog. Bulldog seems to have perfected his formula and changed the streaming game for every Dota streamer on the platform. In essence, when you click on a bulldog stream, you’re getting memes, memes, and more memes. But behind those memes, is a deceptively strong Dota player, he has won a TI after all.

The years of glory and experience he’s gathered winning tournaments with Alliance, he’s channeled into an amazing stream that anyone can enjoy. Recently, he’s recruited the best of his “Mega-Cucks” (his rendition of the typical Mega-Sub), to play some incredibly hilarious low-rank Dota. In these games, you can catch Henrik experimenting with heroes and builds that are out of his element, his natural progression from his “2 hero puddle”, if you will.

Bulldog also has an excellent YouTube Channel where you can get bite-sized pieces of his stream, where uploads are made multiple times throughout the day.

Check his Twitch Channel here.

“Win a TI before you talk”

2. Gorgc
Gorgc Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Image Source: Gorgc Twitter

The runner up to this list is the one and only Gorgc! For the longest time, it seemed that Gorgc was the underdog of the streaming world. His success could be credited back to his days of playing party queue games with SingSing a few years ago. He was always, the “other” streamer, fighting the big alpha male gobbling up the entire Dota 2 Twitch page.

That was all until the last few months, where Gorgc’s world would change forever. In the span of a few months, Gorgcs content reinvented itself, firmly setting himself apart from all the other streamers on the platform. People fell in love with Gorgc’s passion and competitive nature in Dota. His highly emotional outbursts, to his quick thinking, plays, and the random nuggets of educational tips he adds in when he can. Gorgc is the epitome of what Dota Streamers should be, and imagining Twitch without him, would be a very sad thought.

Recently, Gorgc signed with OG, after years of community members memeing that he would be the next OG player. However, Grogc has managed to embrace the memes, and is technically an “OG player”, but still a streamer. On top of his already amazing content, is random interviews with OG’s players and staff, casting OG’s games with personalities like Ceb and Jerax, and a whole lot more.

Gorgc’s stream can be found here.

“I missed 3 hits in a row… 3!”

3. SirActionSlacks
SirActionSlacks Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Source: SirActionSlacks Twitter

From being Dota 2’s goof (WeirdChamp), to hitting 5k MMR (PogChamp), to getting second place at TI (KEKW), to firmly establishing himself as the content creator for any tournament organizer, to becoming the face of Dota 2’s awkward siblings (Underlords and Artifact), and to finally being the biggest authority on all that is Dota 2 lore, Slacks has quite literally done it all.

The best way to describe Slacks’ Dota 2 gameplay is; unorthodox, idiotic, with a slight hint of brilliance. Slacks has his own vision for what the game should be like, and will not let anyone get between him and his vision. In his stream, you can watch him poke fun at his teammates, express his undying hate to all Windranger player he comes across and is always sure to add in a little bit of ResidentSleeper– I mean, Artifact in his streams.

If you still can’t get enough of Slacks, he has an excellent YouTube Series called, “Loregasms“, where he dives into the one thing no Dota player has dared to explore… Dota lore (yuck).

Check out his stream here.

“F**k Slacks”

4. GranDGrant
GranDGranT Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Image source: GranDGrant’s Twitter

GrandGrant, the greatest 1v1 mid player to walk on the face of the Earth. From being a smalltown Walmart Employee to becoming the biggest Dota 2 rockstar known to man, people from all corners of the world cry themselves to sleep because they know that they will never be as cool as GrandGrant. The North American Renaissance man has proven to everyone that with years of hard work and an undying passion, all your dreams can be achieved.

From having drunk streams in his bedroom in the dead of night to beating pro player Fear in a 1v1 game at the height of his career to being a caster in the most prestigious tournament in all of esports, The International. Grant is a North American boy with a dream and a dream that he is determined to achieve. What is that dream you ask? I have no idea, but Grant is a man with a plan, and you can count that he is always scheming, ready to make waves at any second.

Grants stream is almost exclusively casting, with a bit of interaction with his chat between games. With some top quality banter, top tier mid lane analysis, incredible play by play, and the greatest Hip Hop playlist known to man, GrandGrant has it all. Watch him literally never miss a kill on his Twitch stream here, where everything North America related starts, and ends. 

*Warning: video is NSFW*

“Watch me chug this water bottle”

5. Navetz
Navetz Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Image source: Navetz

Finally, I’d like to shed some light on a relatively unknown streamer. This guy has been dedicatedly grinding games and staying in shape for the longest time. He has amassed a small yet loyal following and is able to do one hell of a bench press.

Where Bulldog would always describe himself as an Alpha Male, Navetz is an Alpha Male. The guy has a bit of everything in his stream. From entertaining gameplay and commentary to an inhuman amount of pushups (with excellent form), Navet’s will motivate you to build good habits inside, and outside of the game.

Another noteworthy aspect of his stream is just how interactive it can be. Navetz always makes a point to interact with his viewers, and make the stream a 2-way street. If you’re looking for a good time and some pump, then look no further.

Be sure to check out Navets stream here.

“Time for some Pushups”


Next up, I’d like to shine the spotlight on some of the most educational and knowledgeable streamers in the game. These people have achieved their ranks and followings for having the biggest brains in all of Dota, so if you’re looking to git gud, then look no further.

1. Purge
Purge Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Image source: Purge YouTube

At the top of the list (unsurprisingly), we have Purge, duh. Purge’s whole identity revolves around making you feel dumb about the game. He has some of the most insightful opinions and explanations about the game, said in the most soothing, relaxing, and dare I say orgasmic voice. During his games, he will make a point to provide an analysis for literally everything, while keeping his play up to par.

His stream format isn’t set in stone by any means, but he’s done things like replay reviews, whole weeks worth of streams of him coaching a newbie to the game, and some would say is single-handedly responsible for SirActionSlack’s reaching 5k MMR points! You will always hear top pub players give reviews on his content such as “Wow, I did not know this, Thanks Purge! seems good”. And after watching his stream, I always know what to wear before I leave the house, as he makes a point to educate us on the weather outside.

For more on the weather, click here. (Link to his Twitch page)

“Yellow everybody this is Purge”

2. BSJ
BSJ Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Source: BJS Twitter

BSJ’s story is not a drama, nor is it a comedy, it is a tragedy. A young North American boy had dreams of becoming the best Dota 2 player alive. Unfortunately, that boy was harassed by the community and other players in his games, to try and shoot down his dreams. Despite sponsorships from Gameleap and his valuable coaching sessions, BSJ has faced nothing but ridicule and skepticism all his life. I still today remember the days where Venom, Chi Long Qua and Reddit would berate and ruin his games for months, until one day, he snapped and became a full-time Autochess Streamer.

Those were the darkest days in Dota history. The North American Dota Scene never felt more incomplete in its lifetime. Months went by in anguish, until… AutoChess Died! BSJ is back, and he’s better, faster, and stronger than ever before! The griefers and Reddit were finally able to see how amazing and handsome BSJ truly was! Ever since his lowest point, BSJ has been seen on TI mainstage as a panelist, casting major tournaments, and building a large community of followers on his Twitch Stream. Do you know what a Dead Lane is?

BSJ has solidified himself as having one of the best educational streams, by his excellent ability to articulate his thoughts and opinions. His ability to explain key concepts to noobs, all for the sake of the noobs of NA to flourish like they once did. I asked you once, and let me as you again, Do you know what a dead lane is? If your answer is no, then you need to watch his stream and figure it out or stay in the lowly 2k bracket for the rest of your life.

Earlier, I mentioned that BSJ’s story is a tragedy, but that is inaccurate. It is a story of redemption and dedication. A man who everyone counted out, has come back and solidified himself as a crucial part of Dota 2 today. A constant reminder, that anything is possible. The hero we need but don’t deserve.

But seriously, what the heck is a deadlane? Find out here!

“Use promocode BSJ for a 15% discount”

3. Synderen
syndereN Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Image source: syndereN Twitter

Some may call him, the guy who doesn’t know when to quit. Synderen has been in a positive feedback loop with himself for centuries. If I could describe this loop to you, here it is. Step 1, establish yourself as one of the best analytical Dota minds out there. Step 2, Decide to quit that job and try to win a TI. Step 3, fail to win a TI and go back to streaming. Step 4, get invited to panel for an event and quit streaming. And repeat, over and over for hundreds of years.

In all seriousness, Synderen has a concrete understanding of what the right way to play Dota is. If you want flashy plays or anything impressive at all, then this is not the stream for you. But if you’re looking for dry humor, witty remarks, with a sprinkle of educational content, then look no further. And you better hurry, TI10 is coming up soon and Synderen is on track to trying to qualify. But he’ll win this time, right?

Get your LULs ready, and get some knowledge while you’re at it!

“Synd LUL”

4. Wagamama
Wagamama Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Image source: Twitter

Waga has the key. He holds the key to success, the key to MMR, and the bee key bee. Whenever an update drops around, that is when Waga is at his best. He is genuinely one of the most intelligent and unorthodox players, where he is constantly battling to pioneer the next best build. I still remember the days when 7.00 launched, and he was one of the first players to experiment with Puck. In doing so, made me fall in love with the hero.

And that’s exactly why Waga has the key. His constant re-imagining of heroes and ways to play them unlocks something within every one of his viewers. Sometimes that means a newfound favorite way to play or a complete change in our view of Dota. Waga tries to reinvent the wheel in almost every stream, and along the way, we as viewers pick up on things we normally wouldn’t think about.

As soon as a new patch drops, the stream to watch is Wagamama, as he’s on the front row of innovation and creativity, thus inspiring us to follow his lead. His content is less directly educational, but more nuanced and logical, which is an amazing quality to have in your arsenal.

One way ticket to Waga’s bootcamp here!

“Your five minutes are up, please send the next guy in.”

5. Henry
henry Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Source: Henry Twitter

I know what a lot of you are thinking, Henry? The toxic griefer that buys accounts? And the answer is, yes, but also no. Let’s explore Henry’s story. Henry’s rise to fame started during the ESL One fiasco, where ESL signed their streaming rights to Facebook exclusively. This meant that there was no official Twitch stream for ESL tournaments. At that moment, Henry decided to boot up his stream, and begin casting ESL One Genting.

Initially, he’s had overwhelming support from the whole Dota community. The future looked bright for the guy. However, that all changed when a Reddit user brought to light some evidence that Henry bought his way to his high rank. This instantly destroyed his branding and image, and ever since that post, he has received nothing but hate and bashes from the community.

Now, why should you watch Henry? I’ve been an on and off follower of his stream for the past few years. I’ve noticed the outbursts of rage, the smurfing, and the griefing on a regular basis. But despite all of that, I saw one redeeming quality of his. It’s that he wanted to be better. He wanted to be a better player, a better streamer, a better person. After being bombarded by the very community to which you rely on, it should have the most negative and destructive effects on you.

But he persisted, he kept trying, and never gave up. I watched this once toxic kid turn himself into someone in full control of his emotions. Starting a new account from scratch almost a year ago today, and climbing his way to 7k MMR on stream. It was at that moment that I realized that he deserved a second chance from the community.

Despite all of this, Henry has solidified himself in my mind, as one of the most mechanically skilled mid laners in the game. His self-awareness of his play and attitude has forced him to have a full understanding of his decision making. With this in mind, he’s able to deconstruct some of his decisions, in an extremely precise and articulate way. Any mid laner looking for some tips should look no further than this stream right here.

Accumulate 200 I.Q. by following this link to his channel!

“Beam on”

Best of the best

Now for all you adrenaline junkies, I haven’t forgotten about you. These guys are the top dogs and are sure to leave you in awe and be incredibly self-conscious about your skill. These are some of the best Dota 2 pub players in the world.

1. Attacker
Attacker Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Source: IG

Attacker is… Kunkka. This guy lives, eats and breathes Kunkka. He is universally agreed to be the best Kunkka player in the world. His whole stream is a love letter to Kunkka, and how many more times can I say Kunkka before it sounds weird?

We’ve established that he is the best in the world in that particular hero, but why should you watch him? Attacker is an incredibly funny and witty character, able to entertain you with his random observations and remarks during his game. He has a childish and laid back attitude to the game, often playing the random Tekken round during the start of a match.

And that’s what’s so incredible and addicting about this stream. He does these awesome things, that not a whole lot of people can do, yet he makes it all look so easy; as though it’s just another day in the office. Despite that, one of my personal highlights of his stream is his gameplay in other smaller games between Dota matches. Whether its a well-known fighting game like Tekken, or some obscure indie game from the depths of the Steam store. Watching a guy play video games is damned entertaining, and Attacker oozes talent in every game he plays.

And in between all of that, he has no shortage of inside jokes and memes to make his stream one of the most entertaining ones out there. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing is taken seriously on this stream, and the silliness excellently counteracts the inhuman ability that he possesses.

Don’t miss out on any  more Kunkka!

“I lost my Rapier guys”

2. Mason
mason Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Source: mason IG

AAARGH. This completely sums up Mason’s stream. The constant outbursts of rage beautifully encompass North American Dota. Mason has once said that he will be top 10 at the end of the month. He was so confident in himself, that he vowed to quit Dota if he did not reach top 10. This was during around March last year, and he has yet to reach top 10, but I’ll be damned if I’ve ever seen someone take failure with such grace.

I’m not gonna say that Mason isn’t Top 10 material, but being the best in your region requires some sort of quality in your personality that not a lot of people have. You could label this quality as competence, mental stability, maybe even focus. Three things that Mason lacks. But he more than makes up for it in sheer Masculine tendencies and bravado.

Mason is that jock in high school that no one really understands why he’s so good and is wholefully aware that he’s pretty good, and won’t shut up about it. Every stream will have Mason doing some 200 I.Q. play that makes everyone’s jaws drop to the floor. He would then follow it up by consistently reminding everyone on stream that he is the greatest Dota player alive. That is until, he or someone else on his team throws the game, and he yells with the voice of a thousand gods to his mic in a fit of built-up emotion and masculine energy.

In between these fits of rage, you’ll see him bust out the Weaver and show the yunguns how it’s done. Mason sticks to what he knows and makes it look damn good. He will make you self conscious of yourself on an incredibly deep level. He will talk down to you, beat you, and never apologize for it. He is everything that’s great about North America in one beastly package, and when he reaches the top 10 in 20 years after everyone quits the game, he will definitely let all of you know about it.

Learn how to be a true KKona by checking out his Twitch page here!

“I will be top 10 in one month guaranteed”

3. Luki Luki
Luki Luki Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Source< Luki Luki Twitter

Where Attacker is a Kunkka expert, Luki Luki rose on the back of Pangolier. Pangolier is a very fascinating hero. Players from all skill levels would say that the hero is broken, but professional players continue to ignore him. During this time, many players have developed different playstyles for the hero, and in the background, an almost unknown player rose the ranks alarmingly fast by spamming this one hero.

Pangolier is an extremely high skillcap hero. Luki has defined his own take on him, with his own item builds, play style, and finesse. As he is fairly new to the scene, many streamers and viewers don’t take him as seriously. Who is this kid? And why does he think he can get top 10 in a matter of months?

But that’s the reality of it. Luki is the best Pangolier player in the world, and he knows it. He used his strange talent in the relatively new hero and used its novelty to push his opponents out of their comfort zone. He is trying to branch out in experimenting with heroes like Void Spirit, but he is the definitive Pango player to watch.

Top tier Pango plays and never-ending supply of anime music ahead!

“Hi, my name is Luki Luki and I spam pango”

4. Monkeys-Forever
Monkeys-Forever Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Source: Twitter

Every once in awhile, I’d be scrolling on Reddit when I’d come across a clip from this rando called Monkeys. I’d watch the clip then second guess my life decisions up to that point. Where did he come from?

It’s difficult to describe Monkeys’ stream, other than saying that he’s just a guy hanging out playing some damn fine Dota. You don’t get much in terms of charisma or wit, but you do get a whole lot of authenticity. This streamer keeps it real and cuts out all of the gimmicks. When you log on to his stream, you know what your getting, and you will be impressed. Catch him on his signature Brood, and you’re in for a real treat.

Monkey’s official zoo– I mean channel can be found here!

“Was a monkey before OG made it cool”

5. Lil Nick
Lil Nick Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Source: Twitch

Lil Nick is another incredible player. He always has a few tricks up his sleeve, ready to throw his viewers and opponents off guard. I learned about Lil Nick after watching some other top streamers playing some party queue games with him. I was instantly impressed with his play and figured he was another one of those mysterious players that has some insider connections via pub games and nothing more.

I later found out about his stream and was instantly hooked. His play was incredibly solid, and he is constantly improving. His stream is also fairly grassroots, where there is little to no clutter. Just a guy playing Dota with a webcam on. The rank 1000 player has an incredible future ahead of him, and you don’t even know the last of it. He is only 16 years old.

More Lil Nick here!

“Are you a girl? No I’m 16 years old”

Just looking for some chill Dotes

You thought I forgot about all you guys that leave Twitch streams on the background while you get work done? You guys are the bedrock of Twitch’s success, and these 5 streamers are perfect for you.

1. Bloody Nine
Bloody Nine Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esport
Source: IG

I first learned about Bloody Nine (B9) after coming across a clip of him getting a solo kill mid while eating a slice of pizza. I was instantly offended by the message he is sending out. Dota is a difficult game and you need to be completely focused and dedicated while you play. But I think this completely sums up B9’s personality; in the heat of the moment, no matter what life throws at you, you might as well enjoy that slice of pizza before it gets cold.

Before you think B9 deserves to be in the high skill category (which is completely justified), I will let you in on a little fact about his stream. Every once in awhile, B9 will take a break from the stressful activity of playing Dota, and complete a few NY Times Crossword Puzzles on stream. After watching him do the crossword, I felt a huge sensation of zen flowing through my bones.

Despite all this, B9 continues to impress with his versatile and creative hero pool and item choices. I distinctly remember him destroying some pubs with a Puck armed with a Necronomicon and Shadow Blade to a song called “Paradise Circus” playing in the background. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so insulted by such a build, but his overall demeanor was so calming that I forgot why I was angry in the first place.

B9’s zen dungeon can be found here!

“5 letters across: Genial, Kindly, Not Harmful”

 2. Merlini
Merlini Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Source: Liquipedia

Once a revered and an extremely popular professional analyst. He has been on countless prestigious panels and is known for his incredible insight into pro games. Merlini has since retired from that job, and after a short break, found himself coming back to Dota 2.

Merlini made himself a nice and quiet stream, where he plays with other personalities and just has a laid back time playing Dota. During the games, he might crack a joke or two, or remain completely stone-faced for the whole thing. One thing is for certain, your blood pressure will go down after just a few minutes of watching his stream.

The one Merlini’s channel can be found here!

“Officer Merlini on the case!”

3. Jubeigaaaa
Jubei Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Source: Dreamhack

Jubei has been lurking in the Dota Twitch scene for quite a while. Recently, however, he’s had a slight surge in popularity, and I would credit it to his recent success in various inhouses and short runs with a number of North American stacks. I’d bet good money that the reason he is a popular pick up for up and coming teams, is that he has an incredibly calming aura to him, which results in a stream that you can watch for hours.

The awkwardness ensues ahead!

“I buy meteor hammer on every hero”

4. Dota Capitalist
Dota Capitalist Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports
Source: Twitter

You can find Dota Capitalist (Cap) casing the greatest pro games to grace Twitch. In between the million-dollar tournaments, Cap remains a true Dota fan at heart, with an entertaining stream of his own. Capitalist has proven to be one of the greatest players in the world, as he was able to climb the ranks and achieve 6k MMR quite recently. The MMR itself was a decent catalyst to his stream’s success, as well as his charisma and fame of casting prestigious games. However, the fact that when Cap was streaming, meant he was technically in “Vacation Mode”, meant that he was able to put out one of the most approachable streams out there.

Watching his stream, you will get treated with some excellent Pango plays, as he is one of the top Pango players in his region. Furthermore, his years of casting made him an excellent talker, for lack of a better word. He’s able to articulate his thoughts in a tasteful and calming manner, meaning you or I could learn a thing or 2 about the game, or even some insider stories he might have.

Find out what Capitalst is up to here!

“Hide your water bottles, Cap is in the building!”

5. ReshyD
ReshyD Streamer Top 20 Dota 2 Esports

Finally, I’d like to shed some light on another small and growing streamer. The Brit houses a small and loyal community of fans, that are treated with an extremely interactive deceptively high-quality stream. Despite his Divine MMR, he regularly plays organized inhouse leagues with his mates. What you’re left with is a high energy streamer, with an extremely welcoming and bright community of viewers. It is the excellent stream to just leave on for hours and have the occasional banter sprinkled here and there.

ReshyD and his m8’s are just a click away!


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