Rainbow Six Superstar Wokka Announces Retirement

wokka rainbow six
img source: ESL

R6 fans are shocked as Wokka announces he is stepping away from competitive play to focus on content creation.

One of the most talented young Rainbow Six superstars, Yudai “Wokka” Ichise announced he is stepping away from Rainbow Six to focus on Youtube. This comes as a huge surprise as Wokka, 22, is one of the game’s rising stars finishing his rookie campaign in 2018.

About Wokka

Tranlation: Thank you for rooting for me as a player for a really long time! I will take a break for a while and think about various things. I may also return as a player, but for now I want to work on YouTube! Thank you for your support.

The Japanese star was the catalyst to the Nora-Rengo esport organiztion who has a bright future with Rainbow Six. Wokka joined NR esports in August 2017 and immediately made an impact in competitive play. It is somewhat of a shock the young phenom has decided to step away as he had been dominating the RS6 circuit. Although, Wokka does mention he could possibly make a return in the future, his goals are now shifting on content creation. Just like so many pro players, streaming success can account to more revenue then following a pro circuit.

Wokka’s YT channel continues to gain popularity among Rainbow Six fans across the world. His team has also offered him their support:

Skills on Display

ESL is the major player when it comes to Rainbow six. Although less frequent, their premier events hold hefty prize pools reaching over $2,000,000 USD. Esport fans from any title can notice a natural talent when they see one and Wokka is just that. A short promising career that many feel is far from over. Here is a clip displaying Wokka at his best:

We wish Wokka the best of Luck!

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