Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Steel Wave is live

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Steel Wave is live
  • Rainbow’s second season of year 5, aka Operation Steel Wave is finally live! Two new operators, a new gadget, House rework, and much more have been integrated into the hottest tactical shooter.

New Operators

Unsurprisingly, the biggest takeaways of this Season in Rainbow Six Siege are the two new Operators: Ace and Melusi.

Ace: Ace is an attacking operator who operates as a breacher. He is a 2 speed, 2 armor. Ace’s unique gadget is the SELMA breaching device. This device works as a sequential breacher, lowering down a surface and creating explosions. It can also destroy hatches on the floor including reinforced ones. However, this device can be countered by a number of operators such as Bandit and Kaid. Ace is loaded with either the AK-12 Assault Rifle or the M1014 as a primary. The P9 Handgun comes as a secondary. For gadgets, Ace can use Breach Charges or Smoke Grenades.

Melusi: Melusi is a defending operator who can act both as an anchor and a roamer. Her ratings are 3 speed and 1 armor. Her special gadget is the Banshee Sonic defense device. When deployed, the device acts as a detector over a large radius thus alerting defenders of enemy movement. At the same time, it also slows down attackers within the same radius. For her loadout, she has the T-5 SMG/Super 90 Shotgun as a primary and RG15 Handgun as a secondary. You can equip the Nitro Cell or Impact Grenades as her gadgets.

Season Pass owners can play with these Operation Steel Wave operators right now while others have to wait for another week.

House Rework

Our cute little house gets a massive makeover on this update. Some of the existing rooms have become much bigger. The biggest change is that Construction has now been changed to Pink Room. Garage has been revamped as well and now only one of the Garage doors can be destructed. Living & Training bomb sites have been removed from the map as well. Vertically, more surfaces can be broken now, so that’s a plus. Changes have been made to the position of some hatches too. Overall, House looks pretty neat and tidy in Operation Steel Wave. However, players will take some time to adapt to the new map.

There are plenty of other updates including operator and gameplay changes, all of which can be found here.

Operation Steel Wave seems promising with some of its much-needed changes. Although match replay and an improved pinging system were on the cards, it was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. We hope to see that in the next season of Siege.

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