Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 New Operators Leaked

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 New Operators Leaked
  • Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 new operators have been leaked. The new operators are unique and look like fun to play, and here’s our take on them.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1 is just around the corner. All around the world, RB6 fans are waiting for the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational. As you all know before the final game of the invitational we see what the next season brings. Rainbow Six Siege is turning 5 years old. This means we are expecting something special. Because lately, especially in Season 4, Rainbow Six Siege new operators were somewhat underpowered and not chosen by players. This time before the Six Invitational we have some leaks about Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 new operators.

Year 5 New Operators Leaked

According to the leaks, these operators are unique and tactically may not offer much, but they look fun to play. Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 first operator will be Oryx. Oryx is a big guy as he is 130 kilograms and he can smash through the walls with his body. His ability is interesting, however, what is more interesting is Oryx is a defender operator according to the leaks. So we can assume that he will be able to create multiple rotation holes just by himself without needing impact grenades. He can even useful for opening holes which is a tactical advantage without spending impacts. Oryx’s weapons are the MP5 and SPAS-12.

Yana Operator

The second operator is codenamed Yana. She is going to be an interesting addition to the game. Yana can create a hologram of herself and control it. If this is true, it is another situational gadget. Because it will not work in most situations. Of course, she can be a valuable asset depending on how you can control the hologram. However, if these leaks are correct this will mean that Rainbow Six Siege is becoming more and more like a science-fiction game. Her weapons are the ARX 200 and G36C.

There are more leaks such as map banning coming into the game etc. However, everything needs a pinch of salt. Also, there is another leak of Ubisoft designing their own Battle Royale game. This will be insane and it means that AAA game companies still want a portion from the Battle Royale pie. EA was able to accomplish this with Apex Legends, Epic Games with Fortnite, and Bluehole with PUBG. If this is true, Ubisoft is thinking why not us. We will see if this is true or not very soon.

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