Rainbow Six Siege The Grand Larceny Event is Here

Rainbow Six Siege The Grand Larceny Event is Here
  • Rainbow Six Siege is coming with a new Limited-Time-Mode The Grand Larceny event is here.

Rainbow Six Siege like many other games in the market started to implement limited-time-modes. These LTM’s are different from the actual game’s playlist we know. They have different sets of rules and different playstyles. The new Limited-Time-Mode is called The Grand Larceny and it is taking us to the 1920s as this era was known for its gangsters and for their unique art style. Players will be able to access this Limited-Time-Mode for 2 weeks from May 6th to May 20th. The gameplay will be very different indeed with this LTM.

Let us check the details of Rainbow Six Siege Grand Larceny Event.

Rainbow Six Siege Grand Larceny Event

As we have said before we are going back to the 1920s and a familiar map is welcoming us, Hereford Base. This map was a problematic one as players did not think it was a good map, to begin with, and even a rework could not save it. Also fitting to the era players will be able to play with shotguns only. This means some operators will not be available with this mode.

R6 Grand Larceny Characters
Source: Ubisoft

The mission for attackers is to find the safe boxes around the map and open them, while the defenders will try to prevent attackers from opening these safeboxes. The map will be highly destructible according to Ubisoft devs as not only walls but also some floors will be completely destructible.

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Maybe this is something Ubisoft developers are trying out as a new idea to bring into the game. As we all know most walls are breachable within the game, however floors are only semi breachable and only fans allow direct access. The event might be a test field for this idea. As we know previous Rainbow Six Siege events let to some changes within the game. Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 is going great and we are expecting Year Season 2 to start around July. This new season will bring new operators as well as the much expected House map rework within the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Grand Larceny Weapons
Source: Ubisoft

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