Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Delayed

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Delayed Esports R6

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Delayed

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League is being delayed by Ubisoft. Season nine of Pro League was supposed to start today; even the match-ups were scheduled. But due to a bug that is breaking the game, Ubisoft postponed the Pro League until further notice. Rainbow Six Esports Twitter account tweeted a picture saying, “DELAYED”. This is what they said on their official Twitter account @R6ProLeague:

The bug apparently affects Hibana and Thermite. It creates a situation when gadgets are used and they don’t produce any sound. For example when a Thermite places their Exothermic Charge on a reinforced wall to open a hole, the defenders might not hear even a thing. This bug is game breaking because if you cannot hear a Thermite charge going on a wall you can not Bandit trick or do a run-out. The same applies to Hibana and her gadget X-Kairos. When Hibana is opening a hatch or a section of a wall, there’s a chance that you may not get the audio cue and act on it.

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Delayed Esports R6 Gun

This is a brand new level of bug ladies and gentleman. We all know that how important the audio is in-game like Rainbow Six Siege. On top of that, there were 2 weeks of Live TTS (public test server) to fix problems exactly like this. Another unsuccessful TTS definitely like G2 Esports player Pengu said.

Rainbow Six Siege Amazing Concept

Rainbow Six Siege has an amazing concept. The game is one of the best thought out Tactical FPS games on the market, however, it that wasn’t the case when the game was released 3 years ago. Most critics were very harsh against R6. Due to some right choices and good marketing, Ubisoft made improvements over time. For example at least once, every two months there is free to play weekends on both console and PC. Most of the peaks that appear on Steamcharts in the last 6 months are from Free weekends.The game gathered a certain popularity. Rainbow Six Siege’s fanbase are hardcore players who love the game. Most Pro League finals are watched by more than hundred of thousands of people on Twitch.tv.

Rainbow Six Siege Amazing Concept Charts Popularity
Rainbow Six Siege Poor Execution

As mentioned before Rainbow Six Siege players and developers did not start their life cycle very well. But the game picked itself up and continued on its own way. Though in the recent seasons, there was always a problem. Does anyone remember the invisibility glitch for example? Can you imagine a glitch where you cannot see the enemy? People were doing it constantly and the game got out of control.

There was the shield glitch where a Montaigne or Blitz appear like they are shooting from inside their shield. Castle glitch that drops the FPS on the server to 7 frames per second. The list goes on and on. There were always bugs in this game and glitches. Also balancing issues Usain Bolt-like Ela running around with her laser gun. Blackbeard with 800 shield health getting nerf after nerf. The fans of the game were so tired of it they were starting campaigns on Reddit for the changes that are needed. The Ranked games are still in Beta after 3 years. How can a game have an Esports league and have a ranked system that is still in Beta? And guess what there have been no updates over the Ranking system for like 6 seasons.

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League is going on to their 9th season. In the past, Pro League saw many changes. The Xbox Pro League was scratched, Pick and Ban system got implemented and many more. However this season everything was on a whole another level. Operator Lion(the bane of everything) was banned from Pro league until his rework done. Frankly how the developers are going to rework Lion is beyond me. For them to do a rework they need to make a new operator or kill  Lion in the lore. New operators from Operation Wind Bastion that came to the live build of the game are banned also from Pro League. No Nomad or Kaid. This was done as a precaution for not to have another Lion fiasco on their hands.

Now we have learned that Pro league has been delayed because of a game breaking bug. Many of the fans of the game have already expressed their feelings toward the situation. They do not appear happy about what’s going on. Some of the fans suggested that the TTS should have been longer and bugs should have been fixed. But we all know what Ubisoft is trying to do. They are trying to make the season-opening for the live build and the Pro League season-opening on the same day. However what happened now? The season started and there is no Pro League and the reason is that Ubisoft does not do what they are supposed to do on the Test Servers.

Stay tuned for the upcoming news.

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