Rainbow Six Siege Pick and Ban Came Early

Rainbow Six Siege Pick and Ban Came Early
Source: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight is just around the corner, however, players saw a welcome test recently. Here’s what we know so far.

Rainbow Six Siege Pick and Ban Came Early

Rainbow Six Siege will soon be entering Year 4 Season 2 with Operation Phantom Sight. However, players got an early peek of what’s coming with the changes. Of course, these changes are for testing right now. However, aside from TTS, players are able to test these changes for the first time in the actual game. These changes were long expected by most of the players. As years passed, Rainbow Six Siege gathered a very solid player base, and these changes reflect the gameplay of Pro-League much better.

What are the changes for now?

The upcoming playlist is called Ranked Reborn. After years, Rainbow Six Siege Ranked is finally coming out of Beta. Of course, after four years of teasing, how can the ranked playlist be in Beta? Well, it was until now. Aside from that, the first change is for the Ranked system which will allow players to only play Bomb mode. The other modes such as Secure Area and Hostage are not allowed anymore. On top of this, we are also getting the Pick and Ban system.

What is Rainbow Six Siege Pick and Ban System?

The “Pick and Ban” system is quite simple. Before each match, teams can ban four operators. These operators are 2 attacker and 2 defense operators. This change means that teams need to be much more organized in the matches. For example, you need a hard breacher like Thermite if he is banned as you cannot use him throughout the whole match. So there this new system qill require strategic thinking because,with the new system,  the round swap between attackers and defenders will happen every 3 rounds. So when you first start, you will play as an attacker or defender for 3 rounds. It can make a big difference in what you banned as a team.

Ranked Reborn Event

This event as we have said before will allow players to test these changes for 4 days before the start of the Operation Phantom Sight. The matches you play are bomb only, with pick and ban, and does not affect your game rank. So go out try it out.

Our Experience So Far with The Changes

Pick and ban is a very crucial element and will change the game quite a lot. As far as we have tested, the changes are quite refreshing. However, in every match, we have seen a hard breacher, sometimes both of them being banned from the match. This changes the game drastically, and some sites are extremely hard to enter and plant. These changes are welcome but may not be liked by some of the community especially on lower ranks as these changes can be a little bit frustrating.

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