Rainbow Six Siege New Operators: Amaru

Rainbow Six Siege New Operators Amaru
  • Today, we discuss Amaru, one of the two new operators in Rainbow Six Siege, and the best ways to utilize her.

Ember Rise: A New Season is Upon Us

The new Rainbow Six Siege season, Ember Rise, is underway and going fairly well the last few days. We find the Rainbow Six Siege new operators already making waves in the community.


Amaru is the new RB6 operator. She comes from Peru and is one of the most diverse new operators we have seen in the last few seasons. Let’s hop into her features. For a quick peek at the official trailer check out our article here.

Amaru Operator Rainbow

Primary Weapons for Amaru

Here are the primary weapons for Amaru in Ember Rise:

G8A1 LMG: A gun that we are already familiar with in IQ’s loadout, this LMG is not only powerful but a laser with the right attachments. The LMG gives Amaru the options of distance with an ACOG or a very up close and personal experience with your preference of Red Dot, Holographic, or Reflex sight. Ubisoft Montreal was also nice enough to give the G8A1 more reserve ammo so that you can utilize the gun to open windows, doors, and walls around the map without the added worry of running out of ammo. I choose to run the Compensator + Vertical Grip for optimal control, but honestly, this gun is just a beast at all ranges, and the muzzle climb is near non-existent. Ubisoft has finally brought LMGs back to their appropriate markers.

Supernova: Shotgun fans will rejoice at this sight. Amaru features the powerful Supernova, found in Echo & Hibana’s load-outs. The pump-action shotgun is a very slow slugger, but if placed correctly and at close range, will ruin anyone’s day. Red Dot, Holographic, and Reflex sights are all options, however, I prefer the Reflex for all my shotguns, but this is a user preference. A suppressor may be equipped, but will greatly reduce the damage of the shotgun which renders it useless at the fire rate it provides. Laser under barrels is preferable as well if you hip-fire often, just remember that the laser reveals your angle making a wary defender alert of your position. I never use laser under barrels for that reason alone.

R6 Amaru New

Secondary Weapons for Amaru

ITA12SThe sound of this shotgun is famous across the Siege community, as formerly, this gun was the sound of a Mira nearby. Though this shotgun is featured in both Mira and Jackal’s load outs, it is most viable on Mira as a way for making holes in walls for rotations and peaking. This gun now being featured in Amaru’s kit is unique, as it brings a greater deal of diversity to her kit giving many more options, which we will discuss why shortly. The damage of this pocket rocket is very high but has very few reserve rounds and a shortfall off range for its damage capability dropping significantly after a few meters. All 1x sights are available to your preference, as well as the laser under barrel.

SMG11A growing fan favorite across Rainbow Six Siege, this machine pistol can rip at close range, and holds decent damage at longer ranges if burst properly. This gun can totally get away from you, as you may have the desire to spray at close to long ranges and find yourself looking at the ceiling instead of your opponent from the massive recoil. Use a flash hider and the vertical grip for your best chance of making your first few shots count with this animal. Once again 1x sight options are all available and laser under barrel.

There are no new guns for the operators this season. These are the same guns we have seen on other operators in the current line up.


Claymore: Amaru gets one claymore to utilize at her discretion. This seems to be a growing theme for Ubisoft’s recent changes as they want to make “run outs” more difficult for defenders and allow attackers an opportunity to defend themselves when exposed while repelling or droning. This gadget gives Amaru a nice safety net when she is being used aggressively, as she can put herself in the middle of a map and know that she doesn’t have to watch her back as closely with this deployed. I recommend always using the claymore for Amaru.

Breach ChargeAmaru has the option to utilize three breach charges as part of her kit. The benefits of the breach charges for Amaru don’t outweigh the claymore at all. Amaru will usually have some sort of shot gun to open windows, doors, and hatches – so avoid her breach charges completely.

Unique Gadget

Garra Hook: Sporting a grappling hook (Garra Hook), she can zip line herself into windows from ground level. She can also zip across buildings at rapid rates with the ability to burst into rooms full of unsuspecting operators very early or later on in rounds. The Garra Hook can burst into any regular barricaded window, but be wary that she cannot breach through Castle’s reinforcements. The Garra Hook also has the ability to pull Amaru up broken hatches. This is something we have never seen in Siege to this day. She can use the Garra Hook up to four times a round, with a brief cool down at the start of the round and in between zips.

Amaru Garra Hook Unique Weapon R6

Best Load Out for Amaru

Personally, and from what I have seen around the community, the following is the current best loadout for Amaru.

  • G8A1 attached with Compensator, Vertical Grip, and Holo/Acog as your primary. This gun rips and you will not be disappointed.
  • ITA12S with Reflex. This gives you the utility to open hatches, soft walls, doors, or in a pinch peel an enemy up close.
  • Claymore. We touched on this previously, this will give you the best peace of mind the game can offer.

Alternate Load Out for Amaru

This is an alternate approach to Amaru’s loadout. This is also very viable when utilized in the right situations.

  • Supernova with Reflex. Optional laser under barrel. This shotgun can be absolutely deadly in maps with tight angles and short corridors.
  • SMG11 with Flash Hider, Vertical Grip, and 1x site of choice. This is a nice option to have as a back up to your shotgun, especially when you’re in a more open area where the shotgun becomes less viable.
  • Claymore. Always.

Any other options you choose are going to be purely your personal preference, but in my experience, will end horribly.

How Shouldn’t I Play Amaru?

You may be wondering what play style Amaru fits best. There are a few different ways to play her actually. Unfortunately, there is a huge misconception among the community right now, as most think she should be used aggressively. I personally feel this is the exact opposite of how Amaru should be played and here is why:

  1. Amaru is very slow to bring up her gun after grappling. If she zips through a window she is completely vulnerable for a couple of seconds before she can shoot. This leaves you wide open to a quick spray down.
  2. Her grappling is very loud, especially if you’re breaching a barricaded window. Everyone can hear you if they are near where you’re grappling and they can turn towards a window quicker than you arrive and be ready for your arrival.
  3. She doesn’t have a high armor value. Therefore she is susceptible to dying fairly quickly, and the task becomes harder when you put yourself in the middle of the enemy.
  4. She has far better utility than a quicker site pusher.
  5. Grappling through windows blindly or even after you have droned it can still result in hitting traps you were unaware of like Entry Denial Devices, Welcome Mats, Gu mines, and other enemy utilities that were placed after you droned or you may have missed.

How Should I Play Amaru?

So, you may see now why she should not be used as a rush operator. She has such great utility that becomes wasted if you pursue the site too quickly. She should be used as one of the slower pushing operators. The reasons being:

  1. Use Amaru’s grapple early. You can open several hatches, doors, and windows with her shotgun or LMG for you and your team to use later in the round. This makes the enemy scramble to cover these areas and become paranoid of the multiple angles you have opened up for the rest of the round. Save at least one hook for later in the round.
  2. Utilize her late in the round. This gives you the best opportunities to open hatches beneath higher-level sites to pop through later on.
  3. If using her LMG with the ACOG, you can work picks and catch up to your teammates later with the grapple.

As you can see, she can be an absolute powerhouse is used correctly.

My personal experiences with Amaru

I have played against and with numerous Amaru players this season already. I myself have tried her a few times too. She is very different then the latest Rainbow Six Siege operators, as she changes the dynamics of the round so much if used correctly.

Playing against her I found that most players try to rush with her and get turned into ground meat. As mentioned earlier, this is a playstyle to avoid. The best Amaru players I’ve experienced come flying through an under guarded window she opened early in the round and tears face. Same goes really for those I played alongside. I tried playing Amaru early on as a rusher and that is when I learned that early in the round you’ll find all the traps possible – I found a Welcome Mat my first grapple… Yeah, it sucked.

I used her one other time, much slower, and found that I raked in three kills late in the round through windows I had opened up early on and a hatch to server, on Bank. That was the first time I realized the diversity Amaru holds, and why she is going to be a huge operator as the season progresses.

Amaru has the potential to be a powerhouse new operator the Rainbow Six Siege. For now, she is purely situational in the current meta. As we learn more about her unique playstyle she will be very viable in the right hands. Try her out in a Terrorist Hunt, and try the load outs mentioned. I feel you will fall in love with her flexibility quickly, just as I did.

Be sure to read up more on the new operator, Amaru, at https://rainbowsix.fandom.com/wiki/Amaru

Trailer for Ember Rise:

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