Rainbow Six Siege DDOS Attacks Addressed By Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege DDOS Attacks Addressed By Ubisoft
  • One of the biggest issues right now is the DDos attacks that have been happening on Rainbow Six Siege servers, and Ubisoft has issued a statement about this. Find out more below.

Rainbow Six Siege DDOS Attacks Addressed By Ubisoft

Ubisoft and the Rainbow Six Siege community is in a love-hate relationship right now. On one hand, Ubisoft announced that they had a big spike in player numbers particularly in this season. However, there are several issues concerning the game’s health. Ubisoft currently has only one flagship FPS game on the market. For Honor did not reach the expected numbers. The game was given free several times even to boost the player numbers, but it did not change the game’s fate. But Rainbow Six Siege is still going strong and nearing a 5-year cycle. Of course, this was unexpected 5 years ago. When the game was released, it did not get a lot of good reviews, but Ubisoft managed to revive this gem. Right now Rainbow Six Siege is the only Flagship FPS title that Ubisoft offer and they will make sure to keep their userbase happy.

But as we have mentioned before, this game is being hit by one malice for several seasons now. DDOS’ing became a huge problem for the game. Especially on the Console version of Rainbow Six Siege. This created a huge problem for the developers and the players. Prior to the Operation Ember Rise, players had two playlists, Casual and Ranked. Casual as the name suggests is casual with different rules allowing for mistakes and slower gameplay. However, in Ranked, players are generally more serious and they do care about their Ranks. On the Console version of the game, starting with XBOX, there were some problems with DDOS’ing, however, in the last season players also started to face it in Playstation version.

What is DDOS’ing?

DDosing is an attack on the server, or network, from multiple PCs/devices that overloads the network. This results in all players being disconnected and the match ending. This is done by a client from a specific server.

Console players started to address the issue a lot. Especially on Reddit, we can see the Rainbow6 subreddit is filled with these complaints from the Community. DDOS’ing a server lags you out of the game you cannot move and all of your teammates and yourself getting kicked out of the game. This results in a loss on your team and an opponent team winning. This is an awful thing because many players care about their ranks and this results in de-ranking.

Rainbow Six deranking

Many players are blaming Ubisoft for this problem and state that they have to take better care of the servers. However, even though Rainbow Six Siege has dedicated servers the servers are not owned by Ubisoft. Ubisoft rents the servers from Microsoft. These servers are called Microsoft Azure servers and they are used by many games.

In the light of these events, Ubisoft made an announcement of what measures will be taken regarding the problem. First of all, in some countries, this is a serious offense and you can get prosecuted and face up to 10 years in prison. Imagine going into prison for a Ranked game (I know, makes sense right?). Ubisoft announced that they are in coordination with their legal team.


On another note, Ubisoft first stated that they will be issuing a ban wave starting from next week on; the most serious offenders that are DDOS’ing. Also interestingly Ubisoft is also reducing server/match ratio. Ubisoft announced that actually one server holds 3 matches at the same time. If one of the matches get DDOS’ed the other matches are affected regardless. This means that if another match gets DDOS’ed your match also ends. They are thinking that this will reduce DDOS problems by 66%. We hope that this is true.


As we have said before you can face prosecution because you have tampered with servers. This is a serious offense and please refrain from this in the future.

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