R6 Year 4 Season 2, New Operators Teaser Dropped

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 2 New Operators

Finally a first teaser look at R6 Year 4 Season 2, here are some theories on what to expect.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a hardcore game with a hardcore following. The game became so complicated over the years that players have been afraid to return to the game. Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 started with a lot of promise with Pick and Ban coming and several operators getting nerfed etc. Also last season’s Operator Mozzie and Gridlock were a success. Granted Gridlock’s gadget was a little OP but very situational.

However, Year 4 Season 2 operators look much more different then previous seasons. The operators are from the United States and for the first time, include Denmark. These operators do not look like hardcore fighters but have more of a relaxed look. Ubisoft teased the Year 4 Season 2 operators for the first time. Let’s take a look at it and set some theories on what to expect.

The male operator with the suit is American and according to recent leaks, he has the ability to see through smoke and not get affected by the flashbangs. He is supposed to be a defense operator from the Secret Service. To be honest he does look cool with that suit and all, but ability and gadget wise leaks suggest that he is very weak and situational. We will find out shortly.

The female Danish attack operator is very hard to explain, If leaks are correct she might be very overpowered. She looks like she has the same backpack as the Vigil. As you all know Vigil is known to be invisible to drones when he is using his gadget. It is suggested that she might be along the same lines and able to be invisible as an attack operator. All these theories are plain speculations.

By first look, the game does look like it will consists of a sneaky recon style and if leaks are correct, the attack operator will be the first operator in attack who can perform this way. In defense operators, we already have Caveira and Vigil, while everybody knows a well playing Cav is a huge problem. We will see soon what happens after the Season Finals.

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