Pengu to retire from R6 Pro Scene?

Pengu to retire from R6 Pro Scene

Rainbow Six Siege professional player and streamer, Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen has stated in a recent Twitch stream that he has considered retiring from the international professional scene. Pengu seems to be unhappy with the current R6 arena and wants to devote his time to streaming only fully.

Pengu’s explanation

The incident happened while Pengu was streaming the upcoming Battle Royale from Ubisoft, Hyperscape. During the stream, a fan asked whether Pengu would retire from the pro scene. Pengu confirmed that he has indeed thought about it. The possibility skyrocketed after Fabian had announced his retirement from G2 last month. Fabian’s departure has undoubtedly affected the pro scene.  This seems to include his partner Pengu, as well. Niclas also stated in his stream that the game is more bugged than ever now.  He has also let his team know about his decision.

Here’s the clip of Pengu’s stream: Pengu Twitch Clip

Pengu’s success

Pengu is one of the most experienced and widely-respected figures in the Siege scene. He is considered by many as the best Siege player ever to exist. He has also recently claimed to have racked over twelve thousand hours on the game. The Danish professional has won plenty of championships, including the Six Invitational 2019 last year. He has come a long way since winning the Pro League with Penta in 2016. Now in his third year with G2 Esports, the future seems to be unclear. It’s safe to say that if Pengu chooses to retire, G2 will need to fill a huge gap.

Streaming success

Pengu is equally popular as a streamer, as much as he is as a pro player. He has over 740k streamers on Twitch and 550k subscribers on his Youtube channel. Along with streaming Rainbow Six Siege, the veteran has recently been streaming Hyper Scape. He has often brought up Rainbow’s bugs and server issues expressing much disgust. Aside from that, his strat videos are some of the best among R6 content creators.

Whether Pengu will retire or not, it will surely be a huge blow for the Siege community. But it’s good to know that at least he’ll continue to stream.

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