Operation Shadow Legacy Patch Notes

Operation Shadow Legacy Patch Notes

It’s finally Year 5, Season 3. With the second patch of the quarantine season rolling out, we take note of all the significant changes coming with Operation Shadow Legacy.

New Operator: Zero

Hold your horses cause Sam Fisher is here. The protagonist of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is finally here on Siege. Sam Fisher is a medium speed, medium armor attacker. His primary weapon is a choice between the SC3000K Assault Rifle or the MP7. The secondary is the 5.7USG, which is a handgun. Frags or a claymore is available as his gadget. His unique ability is the Argus Launcher. Using this, he shoots unique cameras on walls (both breakable and reinforced) to reveal the view on both sides of the wall. This can provide the attacking team much-needed intel before making entry into the site.

If you’re a beginner and can’t afford to buy Zero, why don’t you check out these operators?

Map Rework

It’s Chalet that’s getting a makeover on Operation Shadow Legacy. The goal is to address the objectives of Chalet and how players approach them. Here are the changes on Chalet:

Operation Shadow Legacy Chalet
Source: Ubisoft
  • Bedroom and Office will see the most significant changes taking place. The stairs from the first floor will now connect to Trophy. A brand new room, Solarium, has been introduced. Bedroom and Bathroom are no longer connected.
  • All new hallway links Bar and Gaming now. Some doors have been moved here and there.
  • Trophy site is now switched with Dining.
  • New hallway to improve the rotation between the rooms of the Basement.
  • Wine Cellar is no longer divided into two rooms.
  • Mezzanine has been extended to connect to the Office Balcony.
  • You can now access the roof with new rappel points.
Ping 2.0

A new pinging system is being introduced with Operation Shadow Legacy. Along with the regular pings, you can now make use of contextual pings to give better callouts. You can even use these pings after dying in a round. By pinging a primary gadget, you can now reveal its corresponding operator. Yellow pings now have numbers assigned. You can also turn off the reticle of your pings now.

New Secondary Gadget

Good news for attackers as they’re getting a brand new hard breaching gadget. Select Attackers will be getting access to this gadget to blast a hole on the site. Stay back after deploying though, or else you’ll do yourself some damage thanks to the massive blast. Thanks to this, more Attackers than ever can now breach sites for the team.

New sights and sight colors

This is something from Operation Shadow Legacy regarding which we have mixed feelings. Ubisoft is set to introduce new optics and sight colors to the game through this patch. The good news is this addition makes it easier for players with visual impairments. There will now be a separate tab that proposes color options adapted to specific color blindness issues. Players can view these options before making a change and implementing them into their game.

Reinforcement Pool

From now on, players will no longer get two reinforcements each. The entire team can now wish to take as many/as little as they want from a reinforcement pool. There will be ten reinforcements in total for a team to choose from. This change is welcoming as you’ll often find players not reinforce the site at all.

There are a few minor changes here and there as well for operators and their load-outs, most notably for Thatcher. Squadfinder and Siege Stats are going live on the game website as well. And if you’re interested in the cosmetics, there is the Shadow Legacy weapon skin available for you.

You can check out all the bug fixes of Operation Shadow Legacy here.

The updates will go live sometime around the first week of September. Many fans seem to extremely pleased with some of the changes being implemented with Operation Shadow Legacy. Some have even vowed to make a comeback to the game.

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