How To Play Aruni in Rainbow Six Siege

How To Play Aruni in Rainbow Six Siege
  • Operation Neon Dawn is well underway here at Rainbow Six Siege. A new season calls for a new operator, which is a defender that goes by the name Aruni. Today we take a look at how to play Aruni and get the best out of her gadget.
About the Operator

Hailing from the Royal Thai Police, Apha Tawanroong, aka Aruni is a defending operator. She joined the NIGHTHAVEN with Kali, Wamai, and Ace after her police career. Aruni is a two speed, tw0 armor operator. Her unique gadget is the Surya Laser Gate. This device can be latched onto a doorway, window, or even a wall. When attached, the gadget works like a laser gate that denies entry against attackers and even destroys projectiles that would otherwise pass through it. The Surya Gate is free from any form of damage; rather, it destroys any drone or object trying to pass through. If an attacker tries to go through the gate, then the gadget will deal 30 damage. Once either of these happens, the gate will deactivate for 30 seconds. In the meanwhile, the gate will charge itself to reactivate. Do note that defenders will have to shoot at the gadget to reactivate it once it stops sparking. Aruni also has a prosthetic left arm which she can utilize to create holes in soft walls and surfaces.

As for the loadout, Aruni has a choice between the P10 Roni Submachine Gun and the Mk 14 EBR Marksman Rifle. As a secondary, she’s equipped with the PRB92 Handgun. She also has barbed wires and proximity alarms for gadgets. You can buy the operator for 25,000 renown or with 600 R6 credits. She’s free to obtain exclusively for Season Pass owners.

How to play Aruni

Now that we’re done checking out her loadout and unique gadget, we can finally move on to learn how to play Aruni. The main point to keep in mind when getting the best out of her gadget is remembering that it is an entry denial device. So, defenders should use it at the most common entry points for a site. Another pointer you can keep in mind is that you can in a way bandit trick with her Suria Gate. Place Aruni gates at reinforced walls that you for sure know attackers will try to breach, like the garage door at the basement of Consulate. Stand close to the gates so they’re temporarily off and move back immediately once you hear attackers breaching. Don’t forget to make use of Aruni’s punch as well, especially when you’re roaming.

We hope that these neat little tips were enough to start you off with how to play Aruni. You never know, Aruni just might be your new favorite defender.

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