The Best Operators for Beginners on R6S

The Best Operators for Beginners on R6S

Rainbow Six Siege is tactically a very sound video game. One thing that makes the game unique is its distinct lineup of operators. When starting, one may wonder which operators to pick. Let’s take a look at some of the best operators for beginners.

Best Operators for Beginners Rainbow Six Siege


Beginners are highly likely to suffer more when attacking. You’ll die more frequently than the others who have more experience. As such, it’s you should play passive and try to feed intel to your teammates. Here are some recommended attacking operators for beginners:


Representing the SAS, Sledge is an average speed, medium armor attacker. His primary weapon can be either of the M590A1 shotgun or the L85A2 assault rifle (recommended). For his secondary, it’s a pick between the P226 handgun (recommended) or the SMG-11 machine pistol. Both frag and stun grenades are available in his arsenal. Sledge’s device is the tactical breaching hammer. With this, you can breach soft walls, floors, and barricades for you and your teammates.


Thatcher is a balanced medium-speed, medium-armor attacker. The AR33, the L85A2 (recommended), and the M590A1 shotgun are three options to choose a primary from. His only secondary weapon is the P226 Mk 25 handgun. When it comes to gadgets, you have an option between breach charges and a claymore. Thatcher’s special device is the EMP grenade. The EMP grenade can disable any and all electronics within its area-of-effect. Taking out so many defender electronics, you can ensure a smoother entry into the objective for your team.


As a new player, you’d want to stay at your objective instead of roaming. Properly reinforce the walls, deny attackers breaching into your site as much as you can, and try to locate attackers. Here are some defenders that can help you with that:


It’s safe to state that Rook is technically the smoothest defending operator for beginners. Rook features heavy armor and is very slow. For his primary, you can choose among the P90, SG-CQB, and MP5 (recommended). For his handgun, you can choose between the LFP586 and P9 (recommended). His two available gadgets are the proximity alarms and impact grenades. His unique device is the armor pack. The armor plates offer additional protection for teammates, increasing their chances of surviving an individual round.


For an attacker, Lesion is one of the most annoying defenders they’ll face. Lesion is a 2-armor, 2-speed defender. You have to choose between the SIX12 SD shotgun and the T-5 SMG (recommended) as his primary weapon. The Q-929 handgun is his secondary. You can choose between impact grenades and a bulletproof camera as his gadget of choice. Lesion’s particular device is the Gu Mine, which he can deploy at entry points. He can deploy up to eight of these around the objective.

All four of the above operators are ideal for beginning Siege players. If you feel like you’re not performing to the expected levels, give these operators a shot and it just might suit you.

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