Will Overwatch 2 Have Loot Boxes?

Will Overwatch 2 Have Loot Boxes
  • Overwatch 2 is coming and players are wondering will Overwatch 2 have loot boxes? Jeff Kaplan shares his thoughts on loot boxes.

Overwatch is still one of the biggest games and with a solid esports presence. However, over the last year, the game has lost a lot of players. There are many reasons which we will not go into detail. But one of the main problems was the loot boxes. These offered players cosmetic in-game items. They did not offer anything that would give players a distinct advantage.

The gaming community wasn’t happy about loot boxes since the beginning of the game. So what did Blizzard Entertainment do to counter the loss of players? They introduced Overwatch 2 last year. However, it was revealed that Overwatch players will not need to purchase Overwatch 2 in order to play. But will Overwatch 2 have loot boxes? That’s the main question.

Overwatch 2 Loot Boxes?

This is a very complex issue since the game was built upon this. There are a lot of things that players can buy from loot boxes such as from a character’s voice and skins. Since players can not choose what to buy from loot boxes since they are RNG based. This means you have no control over anything other than praying to get what you want. Jeff Kaplan was asked about the loot boxes in an interview with PCGamesN and stated that:

“Overwatch 2, in terms of business model, we’re exploring different options that move us away from loot boxes, but I think that will be more for Overwatch 2 than the core game. I would never rule anything out”.

This is a rather ambiguous answer but the players should not expect immediate changes. Call of Duty removed the problematic loot boxes recently with their new game and instead issued a Battle Pass system where players can see their rewards for playing the game. This allows them to have a stable amount of cash flow and gives the player base more content.

Loot boxes might even be banned in the future as various governments are looking into them, and considering them as gambling as players can not choose items after making a purchase, essentially having no control in the buying process.

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