Vancouver Titans Released Their Players and Coaching Staff Due to COVID-19

Vancouver Titans Released Their Players and Coaching Staff Due to COVID-19
  • Coronavirus pandemic is shattering teams and tournaments all around the world as the Vancouver Titans management removed each team member and coaching staff.

The current coronavirus pandemic is affecting every industry around the world. Even though we can see that esports got considerable lesser damage from the devastating economic effects of the pandemic, the industry is not unscathed. Currently, several esports tournaments around the world are canceled and many are on the verge of being canceled. The last shock came from the Fortnite World Cup cancellation. However, according to recent news, the Coronavirus is also destroying teams. The Overwatch League team Vancouver Titans‘ entire team and the coaching staff were removed from their roles:

  • HyoJong “HakSal” Kim
  • Minsoo “Seominsoo” Seo
  • Seongjun “Slime” Kim
  • Chunghee “Stitch” Lee
  • Juseok “Twilight” Lee
  • JeHong “RyuJeHong” Yu
  • Yangwon “Yang1” Kweon (coach)
  • Jae Hong “Andante” Hwang (coach)
  • Chan Hyeong “Fissure” Baek.

Why did the Vancouver Titans Remove the Players And Coaches?

The issues started with the beginning of the pandemic as Covid-19 was spreading around the world. Team players wanted to spend their time with their families in South Korea. They moved there and asked for a team training facility for them to practice at in South Korea, however, the management rejected this idea. Later, because of the considerable time difference between Canada and South Korea, some problems started to surface and players started to boycott practices.

The issue ended with the Vancouver Titan Team Management deposing each and every one of the team members and staff. The team will continue, and hire several new names from their contender team.

This issue can resurface again since most of the pro players in the Overwatch community are from Asian countries. Also in other news, we can see that Blizzard is trying to rush the Overwatch 2 release date since Valorant is becoming a major force even before the release od the game. The game is too similar to Overwatch and it does look more competitive than Overwatch. We are expecting Overwatch 2 release date to be announced at BlizzCon 2020 if we can have a BlizzCon this year.

Read more here about the official announcement.

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