Overwatch Might Only Have 2 Challenges for 8 Months, And This Is A Big Problem.

Overwatch New Story Brigitte HELMET HEART AND Zenyatta IRIS Skin Leak
  • Overwatch might get fewer updates next season according to popular leaker @OverwatchNaeri. What does this all mean? We go into the details below.

Overwatch has been prevalent in the gaming world. Once they were at the top of the FPS world, but soon after, Battle Royale games started to captivate the scene. This was unexpected and Overwatch could not maintain their authority in the space. For the first time, Blizzard was losing to something besides “time”. Blizzard games tend to last for years, however, this did not happen for Overwatch. The market became incredibly unstable. Maybe the most unstable gaming market is FPS shooters. Because there are thousands of shooters with different themes and playstyles. It is hard to create a winning formula. One person might enjoy Fortnite; another hate it. While someone else can enjoy CoD, the other gamer is a Battlefield player. The market has a big player base but also a lot of games.

Blizzard wanted to stop this by announcing Overwatch 2. When we first saw the leaks before BlizzCon 2019. We all thought it will be an interesting game. However, after BlizzCon 2019, we understood that it is much more of a DLC rather than a new game. This was already a little bit of disappointment for fans of the game. There are PvE elements that are coming to the game and some heroes as well as a new mode called Push. This is all great ] but it the end it is still a DLC. Overwatch 1 players will be able to play together with Overwatch 2 players. However, recent leaks suggest that there might be some shift of focus to develop Overwatch 2.

According to leaks, there will only be 2 challenges for 8 months. The thing is, Overwatch is already bleeding. The game is losing players because of the current meta problems. However, content-wise the game was always supported. If these leaks are true, the original player base will shrink for sure because gamers now have high expectations from game developers, and 2 challenges for 8 months will not entertain most of the player base. We just hope that this would not be the case for the future of Overwatch. Currently, these 2 leaked Overwatch challenges are Briggite’s Helmet Heart Challenge and Zenyatta’s Iris challenge.

We just hope that Blizzard knows what they are doing because recently they are under fire from all directions. Also, the announcement of Overwatch 2 was shadowed by the lack of content of it. We hope that they can deliver the needed support for the current game also. Only time will tell what will happen, but considering that the game is made by one of the largest companies in the world, there should be advancements made forward.

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