Overwatch Stage Coordinator Falls Asleep During Live Match

MUST SEE Overwatch Stage Coordinator Sleeps During Live Match

Esports is a tough business. For people involved in the industry, it can exhausting at times, as was the case with one Overwatch Stage Coordinator who fell asleep during a live match.

Spitfire vs Fusion

Esports players can have a gruesome training schedule. To stay in goof form and be on top of their game, they need to continuously train and play. Some players from League of Legends have reportedly been training for 14 hours a day in order to stay competitive. However, players are not the only ones who can have a tight schedule. During one of the Overwatch League’s games last week between the London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion, one Stage Coordinator seemed a little off.

Overwatch Stage Coordinator Sleeps During Live Match

After two games between Spitfire and Fusion, the camera cut to the players as Fusion just tied the game, and were getting ready for the next match. However, one Overwatch Stage Coordinator seemed to be acting a little funny in the background.

Viewers of the match were able to tell that the Stage Coordinator was moving around a lot, as if he was feeling uncomfortable. But as the cameras kept rolling, the stage coordinator suddenly started to drift off, and went into a quick nap. Amazingly enough, as he was falling asleep, he didn’t budge at all. Not leaning left, or learning right. As he was going to go into REM sleep, his body reacted, kicking him into gear to stay awake. Thankfully so as he had to make sure everything was running smoothly on stage.

No one seemed to noticed, even the casters. The coordinator then rubbed his arm to stay awake and not fall asleep again. We tend to forget that there’s a lot of planning and coordination done behind the curtains that we might not be aware of. Many workers in this industry also face hard schedules. Perhaps this stage coordinator was overworked, and working on odd hours. Whatever the reason, we’re lucky that he stayed upright to continue things.

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