Overwatch Sees Massive Spike in Aimbots

Overwatch Sees Massive Spike in Aimbots

Overwatch has had its fair number of cheaters. But this month seems to be bringing them in high numbers.What could be causing this?

Overwatch Sees Massive Spike in Aimbots

In only two days, the month of April has already brought more than just fun to Overwatch fans. On April first, one reddit user brought to the attention of the community that there’s an increasing number of aimbots. Specifically, user Shnig1 shared two videos in the official r/Overwatch group showing what he’s been experiencing. Here’s the video for Soldier Aimbot:

Additionally, he experienced the same thing with Tracer.

Here’s the video:


Players React

Many Overwatch players were enraged by this. One user said, You are right to be suspicious. The way the aim locks on both clips tells me that [it’s] better to report this to be on the safe side. If you have the chance again one day, go baptiste and use your invulnerability zone and see the aim difference when they have to toggle the aimbot off. If there is a clear difference, you know what to do then.” The user, SwedishSanta, suggested to use baptiste the next time aimbot is suspected, as one will be able to tell if the aim is following the user while he’s in his invulnerability zone.

Another user by the name of Xolono69 said, “I had one recently in a comp game, I guess he had been reported a lot previous as all it took was 5 more reports from people in my game to get him kicked/banned.” Followed by user AllyRose24 who said she’s also experienced a lot of Overwatch hackers. You’re not the only one. Had a fair amount of aimbotters recently, unlike you I don’t have footage, but [I] could clearly tell that [a] Widow and Soldier were botting. Either I’ve been paying too much attention to snipers or I’ve just not seen it, but I haven’t seen any tracers yet.

Why now?

Why a seemingly sudden uptick in Overwatch aimbots you might be asking. Well reddit users like thiccdoggo69 believe a recent client with aimbot released to the public for free is to blame. A video published back in February YouTube surfaced showing the basics of setting up the bot and its affects on a player’s aim. Many players have stumbled upon this video and have incorporated this in their gameplay.

The fact that the video has stayed on YouTube this long is a serious issue. But more alarming is the fact that this video has been available for many months, and Blizzard has not found a way to combat this.

Overwatch Hackers in Game

Possible solutions already being made to combat Overwatch Aimbots

While we wait for the Overwatch team at Blizzard HQ to provide their strategic attack against cheating, reddit users like douglas-my-dude have already come up with possible solutions.

“We need a thing like CS:GO’s ‘Overwatch’ where you can queue up to review game footage of a suspected cheater, and you get trust factor points for doing accurate reports. Hell, we need a trust factor system that works too, instead of the vague ‘Endorsement system’. Something that takes into account: your account age, how often you leave mid game, your rank, how often you play, etc. Then with this info we can get solid lobbies based on types of players.”

In case you do not know of CS:GO’s Overwatch feature, it “lets the CS:GO community regulate itself by allowing qualified and experienced members of the community (‘investigators‘) to review reports of disruptive behavior, determine whether those reports are valid, and apply temporary bans if appropriate.” This is a great way to combat the Overwatch Aimbot problem.

More on how CS:GO’s Overwatch feature works here: https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/overwatch/

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