Overwatch League Stage 2 Week 5 Recap

Overwatch League Stage 2 Week 5 Recap
Source: Overwatch YouTube

This weekend marked the end of the regular season of Stage 2 of the Overwatch League. Heading into the weekend, eleven teams were still in contention for the final three playoff spots. 

A Weekend of Action

Though the regular season of Stage 2 wrapped up this weekend, the action was far from over. With so many teams still in the running for a playoff spot, nearly every match had the potential for making or breaking a team’s playoff dreams. Here are the results from the weekend.

Day 1 

  • Dallas Fuel vs. Florida Mayhem: Dallas Win: 3-1
  • Philadelphia Fusion vs. San Francisco Shock: San Francisco Win: 4-0
  • Guangzhou Charge vs. Houston Outlaws: Guangzhou Win: 3-2

Day 2 

  • Boston Uprising vs. Los Angeles Gladiators: Boston Win: 3-1
  • Toronto Valiant vs. Vancouver Titans: Vancouver Win: 3-1
  • Shanghai Dragons vs. Washington Justice: Shanghai Win: 3-1

Day 3 

  • London Spitfire vs. Houston Outlaws: London Win: 4-0
  • Atlanta Reign vs. New York Excelsior: Atlanta Win: 3-2
  • Seoul Dynasty vs. Vancouver Titans: Vancouver Win: 4-0
  • Chengdu Hunters vs. Los Angeles Valiant: Los Angeles Win: 3-2

Day 4 

  • Toronto Defiant vs. Paris Eternal: Toronto Win: 4-0
  • Washington Justice vs. Boston Uprising: Washington Win:3-2
  • Shanghai Dragon vs. San Francisco Shock: San Francisco Win: 4-0
  • Seoul Dynasty vs. Hangzhou Spark: Hangzhou Win: 3-1
Dallas Secure Their Spot Early

While there were eleven teams that could hypothetically make it into the Stage 2 playoffs, for many teams this meant not only winning their games, but having other matches end in a specific outcome. For other teams, their path to the playoffs was much more simple. The Dallas Fuel were one such team. If Dallas won their only match of the week, they would be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. Furthermore, Dallas could not have hoped for a better opponent to wrap up the stage against than the Florida Mayhem, who had yet to win a match in Stage 2. In short, Dallas had not only a straightforward path to the playoffs, they also had the easiest path.

The Fuel’s match played out more or less how most expected it to. They came out strong, getting a victory on Busan. However, Florida bounced back in a back and forth contest on Temple of Anubis, which the Mayhem won 6-5. Dallas was able to remain calm though and their new Tank NotE was able to lead them to two convincing victories on King’s Row and Rialto respectively. Following their victory, Dallas became the first team to clench one of the last three remaining playoff spots in Stage 2.

Exciting Until the End

It may seem like a cliche to say that every game matters, but for this weekend’s Overwatch League matches it was true. While the eleven potential playoff teams were one by one eliminated throughout the weekend, the contest for the final playoff spots remained fierce until the final days. The Shanghai Dynasty their franchise’s first Stage playoff birth late on the third day when the Los Angeles Valiant upset the Chengdu Hunters, eliminating the Hunters from the playoff race.

Heading into the final day, one spot remained in the playoffs and only two teams were in the running for it, the Seoul Dynasty and the Hangzhou Spark. Fittingly, these two teams faced each other as the very last match of the Stage. Despite coming off a defeat against Vancouver earlier in the week, the Dynasty started off strong and took the first map 2-0. The Spark remained on phased though, and were able to bounce back in the following three maps, taking the series 3-1. With their victory, Hangzhou were able to clinch the final playoff spot for Stage 2.

San Francisco Make History

For some teams the final week of matches did not seem very important. Many teams either already had their spots secured, or they were already eliminated and had their sights set on Stage 3. However, the San Francisco Shock had something more important than the playoffs to fight for, history. At the start of the week’s action, the Shock sat at a perfect 5-0 match record. More importantly, however, they sat at a perfect 20-0 map record. If they were able to sweep both of their opponents, the Philadelphia Fusion and the Shanghai Dragons, they would become the first Overwatch League team to ever finish a Stage with a perfect 28-0 map record.

San Francisco started the week off on the right foot and was able to defeat a struggling Philadelphia team with a quick 4-0, putting them one match away from a historic stage. However, this would be no simple task considering their final match would be against a surging Shanghai team that was fighting for their playoff spot. Though the Shanghai Dragons came close in a few maps, particularly the last two, the Shock were able to prevail. Not only did they beat the Dragons and secure a 7-0 record for Stage 2, but they also did so in an impressive manner, finishing with a 28-0 map record.

Now for Playoffs

With the regular season in the books, all the remains of Stage 2 is the playoffs. Tune in next Thursday as the final eight teams compete for the chance to be crowned the Stage 2 Champions.

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