Overwatch League Dallas Homestand Results

Overwatch League Dallas Homestand Results

For the first time ever, the Overwatch League hit the road, taking the action to Dallas Texas. The weekend’s matches provided an interesting insight into what the future of eSports might look like. 

The Dallas Homestand

For this week’s Overwatch League matches, eight teams headed to Dallas for the first ever Homestand. Even for those watching online, the energy surrounding this week’s games was electric. The cheers from fans were passionate, especially for the Dallas Fuel, the Hometown favorites. The Fuel and seven other teams faced off in an action-packed, and historic, weekend. The logistics of bringing the entire broadcast team to Dallas was not without issues. Shortly after the start of the first match between London and Paris, the arena lost power leading to about a half an hour delay. Regardless, the rest of the weekend provided an interesting preview of the potential future of the Overwatch League. Blizzard has always promoted the OWL as a global league.

Overwatch League Dallas Homestand Crowd
Source: Dallas Fuel

However, every regular season match so far has been played at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, California. Not only do these Homestands bring the OWL to new locations, but they give more fans outside of California see their favorite teams in action. Following the success of this weekend in Dallas, Blizzard will surely make these Homestands a mainstay of the Overwatch League schedule in future years.

The significance of playing in a new venue was not missed on the players. In an interview last week, Los Angeles Valiant’s Indy “Space Halpern was asked how he felt about playing in Dallas for the upcoming week. His response was simple. “”We’re very scared,” he said. This fear was not misguide considering Space and the rest of the Valiant have grown accustomed to having home field advantage in all their matches. Now, for the first time ever, the tables were turned and it would be the Valiant playing as the away team.


Four matches took place during the first day of action. Here are the results:

  • Paris Eternal vs. London Spitfire: London Win: 4-0
  • Hangzhou Spark vs. Chengdu Hunters: Hangzhou Win: 3-1
  • Houston Outlaws vs. Seoul Dynasty: Seoul Win: 4-0
  • Los Angeles Valiant vs. Dallas Fuel: Dallas Win: 4-0

The weekend concluded with another four matches on the second day:

  • Hangzhou Spark vs. Paris Eternal: Hangzhou Win: 3-2
  • Chengdu Hunters vs. London Spitfire: Chengdu Win 3-1
  • Seoul Dynasty vs. Los Angeles Valiant: Seoul Win 3-2
  • Houston Outlaws vs. Dallas Fuel:
Match of the Week: Chengdu Hunters Upset London Spitfire

The most exciting match of the week came on the second day when the Chengdu Hunters took on the London Spitfire. At first glance, Chengdu looked to be in trouble. While sitting at a respectable 2-2 record at the start of the weekend, the Hunters lost Saturday to the Spark. This loss meant that if Chengdu wanted to make the stage playoffs, they would most likely need to win every match for the rest of the stage.

Chengdu could not have had a more intimidating opponent than the London Spitfire. Coming into the weekend with an undefeated record, the Spitfire looked red-hot in their 4-0 victory over the Paris Eternal the day before. However, the Chengdu Hunters looked all but intimidated in the first match, when they game out the gates with a quick 2-1 win on Oasis. The Spitfire were not disheartened though, and were able to win the next map, tying the match up heading into halftime.

The Chengdu Hunters came out of halftime swinging and earned a quick map victory on Eichenwalde. With their backs against the wall, the Spiefire would need to win 2 maps in a row. However, their attack on Rialto was cut short, thanks in part to Jinmu switching to the rarely seen Doomfist. This defense by Hunters allowed set them up for an easy attack round, securing their third and final map of the match.

Not only was this match an exciting upset, it also had a major impact on the Stage 2 playoff picture. With their victory, the Chengdu Hunters improved to 3-3. With the Los Angeles Valiant as their last opponent, the Hunters have a good chance of finishing 4-3 which could clench them a spot in the playoffs. The loss for the Spitfire is also significant. Though they have already clenched a spot in the Stage playoffs, there are still three teams in Stage 2. This means that even a single loss has the potential of keeping London out of a top-seed for the Stage 2 playoffs.

Looking onto Next Week

After a historic weekend in Dallas, teams have their eyes set on the last week of the regular season for Stage 2.  Though five of the eight spots for the stage two playoffs have been decided, the action is far from over. Eleven teams are still in contention for the final three playoff spots. This means that nearly every match next week will have playoff implications.

Be sure to tune in for the final week of Stage 2, starting this Thursday.

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