Overwatch League 2019 Grand Finals Sees SF Shock Take The Crown

Overwatch League 2019 Grand Finals Sees SF Shock Take The Crown
  • The Wells Fargo Center at Philadelphia witnessed San Francisco Shock become the 2019 Overwatch League champions. SF Shock had been dominating the League for months, and their hard work bore fruit as the team steamrolled the Vancouver Titans in style.

Overwatch League 2019 Grand Finals Sees SF Shock Take The Crown

Without taking any credit from the Vancouver Titans, who worked so hard to reach the finals, SF Shock truly deserved their victory at the Overwatch League Grand Finals. Jay “Sinatraa” Won had a field day against the Titans on his Doomfist and deservingly won the OWL MVP award for 2019. Vancouver’s own Hyojong “Haksal” Kim was just as impressive, but his efforts weren’t enough. The prodigy won the 2019 Rookie of The Year award, and we hope to see more of his incredible DPS skills in the next iteration of the Overwatch League.

Let’s take a look at the matches and break them down.

Match 1 – Lijiang Tower


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Shock started the Overwatch League finals off with a decisive win over the Titans in Lijiang Tower. With 22 final blows, Sinatraa was on fire and looked to dominate the match. His round winning Meteor Strike made it clear that SF Shock wouldn’t be taking any prisoners at the Grand Finals. It was time for Titans to pull up their socks and try to make a comeback. Control point games are usually decided by who caps the point first as it gives the team with the initiative a huge advantage and it was proven yet again at the Grand Finals.

Match 2 – Eichenwalde


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Match 2 of the Overwatch League Grand Finals saw the Titans trying to put up a fight at Eichenwalde. SF Shock subbed in Minho “Architect” Park and Dongjun “Rascal” Kim for a Bastion/Mei combo. While it worked during the initial team fights and made the Titans look disorganized, the Vancouver team managed to pull things together. During the Titans’ attack phase, they were able to roll through Shock’s defenses in style. It was too close for comfort until Rascal managed to pull off a hero play on Pharah to give Shock the victory.

Match 3- Watchpoint: Temple of Anubis


Temple of Anubis is one of the most difficult maps to play in even at the pro level, and it turned out to be a back and forth game. The match could have gone either way with both SF Shock and Vancouver Titans with quick caps. But SF Shock managed to get a last-moment overtime victory. Sinatraa was the most impactful player in the match on Mei as his defensive plays shut down the Vancouver Titans for good. Both teams had solid ultimates to fight each other, but it was SF Shock that managed to seize the win heading to match 4 of the Overwatch League grand finals.

Match 4 – Watchpoint: Gibraltar


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Things started looking grim for the Vancouver Titans, and they were already at a disadvantage three games in. Vancouver would need to win four games in a row to win the Grand Finals, and that seemed like too much to ask for. Architect just dominated the game on Bastion with all of his SF Shock teammates keeping him alive. They managed to push through point B without any difficulties. A huge positioning mistake from Jjanu cost the Titans the push, and they were unable to recover. The SF Shock were clearly superior, and they were just one win away from winning the Overwatch League Grand Finals at this point.

Vancouver Titans – Performance Review

Vancouver Titans comprises of former Runaway players who were looking to dominate. The entire roster consists of top-notch Korean pros who dominated all of summer 2018. Reaching the Overwatch League finals for the Titans was a cakewalk with the team going 25-3, which is shocking, to say the least. Their resilience and the ability to win team fights under pressure is what defines them. But unfortunately, we did not get to see much of that in the Grand Finals.

With the third season of the Overwatch League not too far away we expect to see Titans brush off their loss at the Grand Finals and continue to dominate the league in style. 2-2-2 role lock has been quite the treat for fans who love seeing DPS players pop off. It’s quite refreshing to see the likes of Haksal and Rascal get to play DPS heroes instead of sticking to the goats meta.

SF Shock – Performance Review

San Francisco Shock had a great roster in Season 1, but their performance in the inaugural iteration of the Overwatch League was not too promising. Their roster was overhauled for the 2019 season and it led a completely new era. The new team performed better than anyone expected, and they took the stage championship with ease. Sinatraa didn’t quite live up to his record-breaking contract at the time, but he definitely turned things around this season. He has pulled off quite a few hero plays all season long for his team for Shock all season long. Their performance in the Grand Finals emphatic and while we would have liked a more competitive set of matches, watching Shock steamroll Titans was thrilling.

Congratulations to the San Fransisco Shock for their dominant performance in the Overwatch League Grand Finals 2019.

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