Overwatch Competitive Map Pool is Changing Soon

Overwatch Competitive Map Pool is Changing Soon
  • Overwatch Competitive map pool is changing very soon according to Jeff Kaplan.

Overwatch Competitive or Ranked has always been a bit controversial. There are some changes that the players want since the release of the game. For example, map selection at the end of a match. These changes did not come over the last few years. However, the map pool always changed. Like most competitive game modes, Overwatch Competitive is trying to keep the game fresh and balanced through these changes. Generally, these map pool changes come once in a season. However, according to Jeff Kaplan, we might be seeing a map pool change very soon.

Overwatch had 12 maps in this season’s map rotation, and players feel that this is extremely limiting. When we are taking a look at the general picture most games have more maps in their competitive map pool. Overwatch has been around for years now, and players and players are now expecting changes. Blizzard wants to combat these wishes and needs with Overwatch 2. However, we still do not have a release date for Overwatch 2.

There are many scenarios and theories regarding the OW2 release date but none are confirmed until now.

Are there any positives to map pools? Having 12 maps in a pool feels incredibly limited and I feel like I’m starting to get sick of seeing maps I used to really enjoy. from r/Competitiveoverwatch

Hero pools change once a week in the game making the meta of the game subject to change every week. This is already making the gameplay different each week. But some of the maps in the game are loved by the fans and they want to play in their favorite map with their favorite hero. The post on Reddit got so many hits Jeff Kaplan had to intervene and he posted that “we’re making changes. Scott is writing up a blog post about it. Info in the next few weeks.

Overwatch Competitive scene took some hits in the recent seasons and losing some players to other games.

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