Overwatch Cheaters Using Aimbot, Wallhacks And ESP Are Still Present In 2020

Overwatch Cheaters Using Aimbot, Wallhacks And ESP Are Still Present In 2020
  • After being on the gaming market for years, Overwatch still has cheating problems. Players are still using Aimbot, Wallhacks and ESP in 2020. How can Blizzard fix these hacks?

Overwatch has been out since 2016, which is 4 years ago. That’s a long time ago and many things have changed in the game. OVerwatch accumulated a large player base and can be considered one of Blizzard’s most successful video games. However, there are some problems in Overwatch and this is combined with the rise of Battle Royale games and a drop in player numbers. One of the main problems is cheating.

As we all very well know, cheating is a very big part of any online gaming now. of course, it is different for every game, but all multiplayer and competitive games have a cheating problem. It’s nothing new as we’ve seen all types of cheating in video games to the extent where players even engineer the leaderboards in the form of “boosting”. This is when players get in a game and max it out with their other accounts and get free kills each round.

This is famous is all Call of Duty games where leaderboards are involved. Another more recent example would be Warzone, which became unplayable because of the cheaters. Overwatch is no different.

Cheaters in Overwatch

Overwatch is a Blizzard game and they do have harsh penalties for cheaters. However, this does not stop hackers to cheat in Overwatch and ruin games for others. Cheating became a market and in some countries, you can buy cheats as little as $2. Especially in Asian countries, cheats are rampant and this is ruining the experience for the majority of gamers. When we are taking a look at Overwatch the most notable cheating is aimbots. Aimbots are as old as cheats go but they are still a problem. Today we will take look at a cheater in Overwatch and you can find these videos anywhere.

As you can see the player did not miss a single shot. Now imagine this is in a ranked game. These types of cheats are very easy to use and practically anyone can get it. Yes, Overwatch includes an IP ban and hardware ban for players but there are workarounds on even those. Players can use VPN’s to use their cheats. As for hardware bans they are substantially more expensive to solve however, they are still solvable especially some parts manufactures in Asia do not have specific hardware information.

Console Gamers Are Not Immune Due to the StikePack

Of course, these Overwatch hacks are on the PC, and many gamers will stick to playing on console because there are fewer cheaters; as some would think. There are companies out there that produce modded controllers, and one example is the StrikePack and Mod Pack for the Xbox One and PS4. The StrikePack is a hardware piece that you attach to your console controller to give better accuracy aka aimbot. This was a huge problem in Apex Legends as players were using the StikePack to get 100% accuracy.

Strikepack for Xbox One Hardware Cheating Hacking

For example, the StrikePack would allow players in Apex Legends to shoot from a far distance and hit their target, even when using a pistol.  StrikePacks are not allowed on Apex Legends and players who use it will get a ban from Respawn Entertainment. But the Strikepack can be used for other games as well, leaving the question if console gamers are immune to hackers. Blizzard will also need to take the Strikepack intro consideration as their battle is not just with PC cheaters, but console cheaters as well.

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