New Skins and More to Celebrate Overwatch’s Third Anniversary

New Skins and More to Celebrate Overwatch's Third Anniversary
Source: Blizzard

This week Blizzard is celebrating the third anniversary for Overwatch. To mark the milestone, Blizzard has announced a wide-selection of skins and emotes. Also, they are bringing back the seasonal Arcade brawls from the past year. Here’s our thoughts on the new additions.

New Skins

The best part of Overwatch’s anniversary each year is the plethora of skins. This year’s commemoration is no acceptation. Overall, there are eleven new skins that are available for players to collect. Six of these skins are legendary, while five are rare. Here is a complete list of all the new skins:

  • Academy D.Va 
  • Gargoyle Winston 
  • Honeydew Mei 
  • Orbital Pharah 
  • Riot Police Brigitte
  • Toxic Roadhog 
  • Carbon Fiber Pharah 
  • Carbon Fiber Doomfist 
  • Electric Widowmaker 
  • Midnight D.Va
  • Oro Sombra  

While each player will certainly have their own opinions on which skin they want to add to their collections, there was a lot of hype surrounding the new D.Va skin. In the lead up to the anniversary, Jeff Kaplan made a suggestion that the new D.Va skin would “break the internet.” Academy D.Va would be the first of the anniversary skins to be revealed, leaked a few days before the anniversary began. Though not a bad skin, it did not live up to the hype that many expected.

If there was any skin that “broke the internet” from this year’s anniversary, it would probably be Mei’s new Honeydew skin. This skin dresses the champion in a bright-green outfit that makes her look like an ice-cream parlor worker. With summer just around the corner, this skin not only fits into the champions “frozen” theme, but is also a very timely skin. The part of this skin that has people talking, however, is not her clothes, but the lack thereof. With short cut-off jeans, Mei is showing off her thighs more than any of her previous skins. Blizzard might have thought D.Va was going to break the internet, but it seems that the most hyped skin of this year’s anniversary is Mei and her “thicc” thighs.


Anniversary Loot Boxes

In order to get any of the new skins, emotes, and intros released for the anniversary, players need to get special Anniversary Loot Boxes. These Loot Boxes contain collectibles not only from this year’s anniversary but also skins from previous anniversaries and seasonal events. This means that if you missed out on any skins that are no longer available, now is your time to finally add these skins to your collection.

During this event Blizzard has also created special “Legendary” Loot Boxes. Unlock normal boxes, these are guaranteed to contain at least one legendary skins. They are included as a bonus for anyone who purchases 50 Anniversary Loot Boxes at once. However, if you are not willing to buy that many boxes, each player will receive one Legendary Loot Box for free just by logging on during the Anniversary celebration.

Return of the Arcade Brawls

The skins from past seasonal events are not the only thing returning for Overwatch’s anniversary. Players will also be able to replay their favorite Arcade Brawls from the last year. If you have been craving to play a few more matches of soccer/football in Overwatch, than you are in luck as Lucioball is returning. If co-op is something you are more interested in, then be sure to play a few rounds of Uprising or Retribution, which are both returning. Whether you missed out on these Brawls the last time, or you just want to replay some of your favorites, this year’s anniversary has something for everyone.

There is one small catch. While each of the Brawls from past seasonal events will be made available for the anniversary, they will not be available at the same time. Instead, each day has a dedicated Brawl that players can play. This will keep things feeling fresh throughout the anniversary celebration, however, players need to be careful not to miss which events they are most wanting to play. A full schedule for which Brawl will be available on which day can be seen here. 

Overwatch Update Keeping Things Fresh
Source: Blizzard
Limited Time Only

The celebration for Overwatch’s third anniversary is shaping up to be an epic one. Whether you are looking for new skins, want a chance to collect skins from past events you missed, or want to play some of the old Brawls, there is something for everyone. However, as with all Overwatch events, the anniversary celebration won’t last long. The event takes place from now until June 11, so be sure to get all the skins and Brawl matches that you want before then.

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