The New Overwatch Patch Is Creating More Bugs and Glitches

The New Overwatch Patch Is Creating More Bugs and Glitches

Overwatch received a brand new patch that is now bringing some troublesome bugs and glitches to many players. How can this problem be fixed?


On May 9th, a very light patch was brought to Overwatch. Patch was put in place to fix a bug with heroes. The Overwatch patch was supposed to fix a display issue with Mercy’s 2019 Atlantic All-Stars skin for the PC using lower graphics settings. Although the patch was very light with what it brought to the game, many fans were happy. Fans like Reddit user BlizzconX, who pointed out a glitch on the Overwatch subreddit.

Overwatch Wings glitch

Hopefully, this change will bring about more fixes to skin bugs. As pointed out by Reddit user Huffaloaf on u/BlizzconX’s post titled “Mercy’s wings are still yellow when she ults with her all-star skin equipped”: “Nobody tell them about the Devil, Imp, or Combat Medic skins either then? A bunch of Mercy’s legendaries have non-yellow wings.

The Infestation

However, the joy of a skin bug being fixed was short lived. Only a few days later, r/Overwatch was filled with reports of bugs experienced by players. Everything has seemed to be plagued with glitches. From FPS (Frames Per Second) drops to just basic movement and text. User Itz_Sam__ in his post on r/Overwatch titled “Is it just me or has Overwatch been lagging A LOT recently?”, had the following to say:

“My game usually runs fairly smoothly on high graphics and I’ll usually only get lag when it’s raining. But oh my god has it been lagging a lot recently. Whenever I join a game, it takes around a minute to load in everybody’s hero, but even then it’ll still lag. It will be smooth walking out of spawn but right when I see an enemy, my PC starts freaking out and lags so much that you’d think I was playing Bastion by my stillness.”

Others in the comments of the post chimed in saying they are experiencing the same thing.

  • I’ve been having the same issue. Just to make clear it’s not internet lag, it’s FPS drops and in-game textures taking so long to load, more than a single match until everything feels normal. I play on Epic, tested lowering to the trashiest settings (without messing with render scale because below 100% makes the game unplayable) and the problem is still there. Something broke on the latest updates, they should give it more attention.” -u/imnotjay2
  • I put my settings on Medium hoping it’d help, but it didn’t. Thought I was the only one who’d get random fps drops. I upgraded my monitor to 144hz to see if it’d help, and it did slightly but I’m still getting horrendous fps drops. It gets even worse whenever I receive a message on Discord or Steam.” -u/fmalust

Besides a large drop in FPS, players like Reddit user cookie425 are experiencing some crazy glitches within just the menu.

The following is taken from cookie425’s post titled “Movement & Text Glitch” on r/Overwatch:

“Is anyone experiencing these:
Text in game and in the main menu becomes unreadable and scrambled.
Movement issues, playing as sombra – the character is moving somewhat erratically or not in the directed direction. I have tried switching keyboards and it is definitely not that.
Restarting the computer does not fix the issue. Now, I am currently reinstalling the game.
If anyone has any solutions they’d be very much appreciated.”

A third primary glitch being reported is one to do with heroes selection.

Valkyr_Wyvern and players like him have been experiencing this glitch and have started to become irritated by it. The following is taken from Valkyr_Wyvern’s post titled “Annoying bug where it deselects your character at the hero select screen…”:

This bug drives me nuts, it happens more often than not. Then I don’t notice the game started and I’m late to set up on defense. I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this though I thought I was crazy.” -u/JunkHook9000

DIY Repairs

Now that you know that there are loads of bugs and glitches in the new Overwatch patch, you’re probably wondering how to fix them. The following solutions are provided by Reddit users over on the r/Overwatch subreddit:

For the hero selection bug:

  • If you’re on PC, press Esc the moment the bug happens. Pressing Esc while on the hero select screen will lock in the currently selected hero and close the hero select screen, all in one button press.

For the movement and text glitch:

  • Under launch settings for the game, there is an option called scan and repair that tries to fix any corrupt files and such.

As for the FPS drop rate, a solution has yet to be found by players. Hopefully, the Overwatch team over at Blizzard HQ get to fixing these bugs and glitches soon.

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