A New Mode “Push” Is Coming To Overwatch In The Near Future

A New Mode Push Is Coming To Overwatch In The Near Future
  • A new mode named ‘Push’ is coming to Overwatch sometime soon. It’s like tug of war, just with a giant robot and Overwatch heroes fighting for victory.

Blizzard Entertainment made the fans happy with Overwatch 2 announcement last weekend at BlizzCon 2019. The sequel of the game is already in development and will introduce a new single-player mode. The new single-player mode is not the only thing we should root for, though. There is a lot of new stuff coming in the near future. A new multiplayer mode, new playable heroes, and other new content will be seen in Overwatch soon.

The next big multiplayer mode will be called Push and will be available to play in ranked, quickplay, and Overwatch League as well. The objective of the new mode is to influence a massive neutral robot with gameplay to win the match. It’s like a digital version of tug of war, just the rope is replaced by a giant robot.

The robot cannot be interacted with directly; it is sort of similar to the payload in Overwatch but not in its entirety. The robot won’t move automatically like the payload does, towards the friendly or the enemy side. Players will have to kill their opponents in order to tip the balance of robot on their side. If the enemy team manages to make a nice play and kill players on your team, then they will be able to recapture the robot, and it will start moving towards their side.

The team which manages to completely pull the robot towards their side will win the game fair and square. This mode is exciting due to the fact that constant brawls will be taking place to eliminate the opponents. This might not require as much planning and strategy as the other game modes. Sheer aim power and skills might come in handy for this mode.

The first map which will see play of the new mode is named Toronto, after the city. The maps will be completely symmetrical to deny any sort of advantage one of the teams can have. It will be like a street divided from between, and opponents have to pull the robot on their side.

Overwatch 2 feels like more of an expansion than a separate game. Anyway, this game mode will be available to all previous owners of Overwatch. If one chooses to buy the new game, then they will be given the story mode as extra only. On purchase, you will be able to transfer your cosmetics from Overwatch 1 without any issue.

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