Will There Be A New Hero Coming Soon To Overwatch?

Will There Be A New Hero Coming Soon To Overwatch
Source: Blizzard

Many Overwatch fans have been speculating that in the next few months, a brand new hero will be released. Let’s take a deeper look as to why they are assuming this.

What The Past Tells Us About The Future

Even with a lack of proper scheduling, fans truly believe we will soon get both, a new hero, and a new animated short. The last animated short to be released was called “Reunion”, and this was back on November 2nd of 2018.

The animated short included the newest character at the time, Ashe. Since then we have had already a new hero, Baptiste, who has yet to have his own animated short. For those who never saw the animated short for “Reunion”, here’s the video below:

Because of a relative consistency of 2 animated shorts per year, most fans have deemed it safe to say that we will get a new one soon. You might be asking when and where will they possibly show us this new animated short. The most likely time and place for a new release would be between November 1st and 3rd during the 2019 BlizzCon. The reason for Blizzcon being the most likely place is because of two primary reasons:

  1. BlizzCon is Blizzard’s own event
  2. Most often, big announcements like a new animated short/new heroes

Here’s the video clip of the Reinhardt’s animated short being revealed and shown at BlizzCon a few years back:

Who Could Be The New Hero?

Since the release of Baptiste, players have had many encounters/seen many names and faces of characters within the Overwatch world.

Here is a list of a few potential heroes and where we met them:

  • Antonio

Met during the Retribution event.

Antonio Character Overwatch
Source: Blizzard
  • Echo

Met in the animated short Reunion.

Echo Character Overwatch
Source: Blizzard
  • Junker Queen

Seen in the form of a poster and heard on the map Junkertown.

Junker Queen Character Overwatch
Source: Blizzard
  • The evil omnic at the end of the Storm Rising event
Evil Omnic Character Overwatch
Source: Blizzard

**Warning:** Spoilers ahead for the Retribution event and Storm Rising event ahead


If you played the Retribution event you might be asking why he is a potential hero since he was plainly shot in the face by Reyes (aka Reaper). Well, it’s because we’ve already known that death within the Overwatch world is not exactly permanent. Reyes himself is one such character who came back from the dead to become Reaper.

Reyes becoming Reaper Overwatch
Source: Blizzard

If you want to read more on Reaper’s backstory click here. For a long time, a theory that the next hero would be a Talon tank circulated at the r/Overwatch subreddit.

Antonio is the only match in terms of already known characters since he is a member of Talon.


Echo is the most likely candidate for two primary reasons:

  1. She was just shown in the most recent animated short.
  2. Her character concept is one of the originals.

Originally named Iris, she was one of the first 48 hero concepts pitched during the transition from Prometheus to Overwatch. Here’s a link to a picture featuring various character concepts from the first 48 (link).

The Unknown Evil Omnic at the End of the Storm Rising Event

Very little is known about this character which is why the theory of him being the next hero has less merit. However, comments from Jeff Kaplan (the vice president of Blizzard) have revealed that it might not be impossible to see more of him soon. During a livestream with Fareeha and OhNickel from the Blizzard Headquarters, Jeff had this to stay in regards to new characters:

“We should all be curious about what Talon and this omnic have planned for the future”

If you’re interested in seeing some hero concepts made by players, I recommend checking out Reddit users like cain035 who have created some really interesting ones.

Click this link to check out his “Mesha” character concept: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Bmzoo6

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