How to Report Overwatch Hackers

How to Report Overwatch Hackers Game Cheater

There has been an increase of aimbot usage in Overwatch. Many players have taken videos of suspected cheaters while other are spreading it on social media. However, there are ways to be proactive and help Blizzard Entertainment combat these cheaters. Here’s how to report Overwatch hackers.

How to Report Overwatch Hackers

What do you do if you happen to spot a cheater during a game? Well, much like any other game, the official Blizzard Entertainment website has a report form. The form allows players to report exploits, scams, and fraudulent websites to their designated Hacks Team. Here’s the official Hacks Report page.

This is the best immediate action a player can do when they spot a hacker. Recording a video of the suspect also helps in the reporting process as you can attach a URL of the clip in the message via certain sites (ex: Streamable for PC, Xboxclips for Xbox). It will streamline the investigation.

Cheaters are Getting the Setup from One Place

Someone has uploaded a step-by-step guide of enabling aimbot in Overwatch. This is where most of the cheaters are getting the instructions from. The page has been circulating on Social Media and Blizzard has been tagged along side it.

However, there has been no official response by Blizzard about this matter. Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before the page is taken down and they find a way to combat the aimbot hack.
Overwatch Cheater Aimbot Step Shown on YouTube

How not to Report a hacker

The one thing you should not do is post to r/Overwatch with a post that acts as your report.

/r/Overwatch’s Cheat and Hack Discussion policy has few exceptions to creating posts and or comments that discuss cheating.

Discussion regarding cheating and hacking is allowed if…

  • … the subject matter is a direct statement by Blizzard Entertainment or any major eSports organization regarding confirmation of action taken by said organizations. This includes a punitive action, official investigation, disqualification, or exoneration.
  • … the subject matter is an individual making a personal statement confirming receipt of punitive action or disqualification. Personal statements regarding exoneration will only be allowed if verified by Blizzard Entertainment or a major eSports organization via official statement.
  • … the subject matter is an update on official policies regarding cheats and hacks, or confirmation on bulk actions (e.g. ban-wave) by Blizzard Entertainment or a major eSports organization.

If a user creates a post that violates their policies, they might have their post simply taken down or an immediate removal and possible suspension of posting privileges in r/Overwatch.

For more information read here:

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