Everything You Need to Know About The Overwatch Workshop

Everything You Need to Know About The Overwatch Workshop

The Overwatch team released a new tool to be used by “fans for fans” called the Workshop. Here’s everything you need to know about the Workshop.

What is the Overwatch Workshop?

The Workshop is “a simplified game scripting system that expands the customization features available in the Game Browser”, essentially allowing players to create some fun and interesting new game modes. One such game mode is a classic childhood game named Molten Floor, where heroes will catch on fire if they’re on the ground for too long.

Overwatch Workshop Screenshot
How do I create my very own game mode?

To access Workshop: click Play > Game Browser > Create > Settings > Workshop

To create your own game mode like Molten Floor you will need to create a Script to add Rules and unique play Conditions, all of which is placed on top of already known and loved Overwatch game modes.

To create a Script, you must:

  1. Add a Rule
  2. Select an Event
  3. Add a Condition (Optional)
  4. Add an Action

1. Add a Rule

The rules you add to your script allows you to do many things, like “change how a hero’s movement and abilities work, modify how players are damaged or healed, or even display text under certain circumstances.”

Rules are highly customizable and quintessential pieces of your script, each script must have one or more.

To add a Rule, follow along the command below:

Create my very own game mode Overwatch Workshop

2.Select an event

An Event defines when a Rule will activate and is automatically added to your Script when a Rule is made.

In order for a Rule to properly activate, you need to select one of the following event types:

  • Ongoing- Global: The Rule remains active for the entirety of the game.
  • Ongoing- each player: The Rule is active for an individual player for the full duration of the game.
  • Player- Earned Elimination: The Rule is activated when a player earns an elimination.
  • Player- Death Final Blow: The Rule is activated when a player deals the killing blow to an enemy player.
  • Player- Dealt Damage: The Rule is activated every time a player deals damage to an enemy player.
  • Player- Took Damage: The Rule is activated every time a player receives damage.
  • Player- Died: The Rule is activated when a player is killed.

To add an Event, follow along with this Gif:

3.Add a Condition

After having added your Rule(s) and Event(s), you can add one or more Conditions to your Rule(s) and Event(s).

Conditions are the required things that must happen in order for a Rule and Event to activate.

To add a Condition, follow along with this Gif:

4.Adding an Action

Actions are something that modifies the game, from pausing the game to making enemies invisible to certain players.

To add an Action, follow along with this Gif:

Before adding an Action to your new game mode, there are two specific action types you should be made aware of beforehand:

  • Looping Action: Causes your list of Actions to restart from the beginning.
  • Wait Action: Causes time to pass before a subsequent Action can be activated.

For additional information on how to create your very own game mode using the Workshop, click the following link: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/news/22938941/introducing-the-overwatch-workshop#moreinfo-strings

Reactions from the playerbase

Although the Workshop was only released today, the concept for a player controlled map editor has been going around for a while. Five months ago at BlizzCon 2018, an interview was conducted with Jeff Kaplan and Nicole Gillett. The question that relates to the Workshop is the following:

“So one of the questions we get every year, [is] how do you feel about player-made content in Overwatch – in terms of skins, maps, and possibly heroes?”

In which Jeff Kaplan, lead designer of the Overwatch Team, had the following to say:

Actually we love player created content, and when I say “we”, I mean Blizzard.’ We love to look back at the Starcraft 2 Editor, the Warcraft 3 Editor’ […] ‘With Overwatch it’s been really challenging for us because’ […] ‘Overwatch is built on a brand new engine, and so literally everything that we do, we have to do from scratch.’ […] ‘One of the ideas that we have is separate from a Map Editor, a couple of our engineers – a guy named “Dan” and a guy named “Keith” experimented with’ […] ‘the ability to allow players to script their own custom game modes through a very basic set of scripting language within the UI for it. That’s something we thought was extremely successful and we’d love to figure out a way to bring that to players.

For a full transcript of the interview, click the following link here. Now that this experiment fans have been patiently waiting for has arrived, they have already started sharing their ideas with each other. The following are comments taken from reddit user DixonSeilem’s post “Introducing the Overwatch Workshop” on the r/Overwatch reddit.

“Alright Blizz, this is what you do. You steal whatever custom game mode is being played the most and put it in the arcade every once and a while so we can earn boxes while playing these sweet game modes.

Outsource the market testing (seeing if a game mode is popular), outsource the work on a new game mode, but allow everyday users to experience the good game modes in a simple queue and play menu. Everyone wins!” -u/APRengar

“Me as a Lucio main and the maps are only [Ilios] Well and Lighthouse, speed boost up to 100% effect, amp cooldown reduced to 7sec.

Buuut you can play as Hog with 4 second hook cooldown.

No Moira, sym, or Sombra.” -u/MeatTornadoLove

“I just played this!!! It’s a script that attempts to force 2-2-2 in [explicit] mystery heroes!!!” -u/_mach

After the Archive Event that disappointed a large number of fans, it seems like the Overwatch team at Blizzard HQ are back on track to creating something that fans will love.

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