Xbox E3 News: Halo Infinite is Coming

Xbox E3 News Halo Infinite is Coming
Source: Xbox

One of the most anticipated games, Halo Infinite, was just announced at the Xbox conference,E3. Here’s the official trailer.

Halo Infinite is Coming

Halo an 18-year love of gamers from all over the world. Now, fans from around the world will be getting another addition to their favorite game. Players from all over the world know about Halo. When there was no Fortnite and PUBG, Halo was the king of the hill, and they were doing a pretty good job over the years. However, the popularity of the game dropped a little, but there is still a loyal fanbase. However, things can change with the upcoming new title.

Microsoft first showed its new Halo Infinite at E3 last year. This year we saw more of the Master Chief in action. Halo Infinite does look like an open-world version of Halo. This will be a first in the series.

Next-Gen Console of Xbox

Microsoft announced that Halo Infinite will launch with the next-generation console of Xbox, codenamed Project Scarlett. Of course, players were expecting Halo Infinite since the last year. However, launching it with the next console has a sense of it being a flag carrier for the next generation. This means that Microsoft is really trusting Halo Infinite and 343 Industries. Let us take a look at the trailer.

Halo was always a top tier game. The game does look great in the gameplay trailer. Halo Infinite will be available to play on PC. Players will be able to access it with Windows 10, and Microsoft’s library of Xbox games which is shared between console and PC.

There can be a cross-play feature also. Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 these games allowed for cross-play, so we have our fingers crossed.

343 Industries announced that Halo Infinite’s new Slipspace engine was also developed for PC.

Halo Infinite Release Date

Halo Infinite Release date is announced as Holiday 2020. This means we will get to see the game next year.


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