World of Warcraft Classic: News, Release Date and Beta

World of Warcraft Classic is Coming August 27
Source: wccftech/Blizzard

World of Warcraft: Classic release date and details are announced. Here’s everything you need to know so far.

An MMORPG to Rule The Rest

The year was 2004 when it all began. World of Warcraft was the pinnacle of not only MMORPG games; it was much more than that. WoW was sitting on top of the gaming world, looking down at other games with all of its success. Players from all over the world joined in on the fun, making it one of the most popular PC games ever made. To this day World of Warcraft still sits within the top 15 games played on the PC (source).

It feels like a very long time ago when the Burning Crusade was launched. The Burning Crusade was the first DLC content that WoW initiated. This was before Blizzard merged with Activision.

As time passed, we have seen a lot more additions to the game. Players certainly did not like the feeling of buying DLC on top of paying a monthly subscription. This was one of the most problematic parts of World of Warcraft (source). The game continuously made changes to the maps and characters (source). However, WoW continued to move forward. They simply had a core fanbase so large they were able to keep this going for 15 years now. Not many games can say that.

There was a strong feeling from hardcore players who loved the first World of Warcraft that the DLC’s in general ruined the game. Some claim that the game went down the drain after the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Others claim that after the Wrath of the Lich King the game became boring. Many players simply blamed the Blizzard and Activision merge and claimed before Activision, the game was still in great shape. The game had 12 million monthly subs around 2010. This was a peak for the World of Warcraft. But now, Blizzard is trying to remake the original World of Warcraft of the so-called Vanilla WoW.

It’s called WoW classic and it will be approaching in a few months. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

WoW: Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is soon approaching. Blizzard announced that they were working on this for some time. However, we did not know their schedule for testing until now. WoW: Classic will take players back in time. Meaning, we will be going back to the old times. The game was much more challenging back then. The level cap was only 60. But it was much harder to level up. Players needed to grind for hours. We needed to be very careful about our talent trees, and could not change it in an instant. We do not know how it will be for now but if everything will be the way they were back then it will be time-consuming.

WoW: Classic Release Date

World of Warcraft: Classic Beta has already began testing worldwide yesterday. However, the World of Warcraft: Classic release date is August 27, 2019. Players will need to choose the WoW: Classic Servers. Players will simply be able to just choose the Classic server to get in and play. You will need a account in order to download and access the game as well.

Will WoW: Classic be free to play?

Unfortunately, not at this time. The WoW: Classic will not require additional purchase. However, players will need to have Monthly subscription to the game which is $15 a month. We were hoping that it would be free but then again not this time also.

How to participate in WoW: Classic Beta?

Players need a monthly sub. and a account in order to participate in the beta. You simply need to Go to Account Management and update your beta preferences to get a chance at getting into the beta, it IS separate from the regular WoW beta settings.

Here is a video of Youtuber Esfand playing and talking about the WoW: Classic.


World of Warcraft was part of many players childhood. The game changed as well as the demographics. MMORPG’s are on a decline without a doubt. The main reason behind this is the time-consuming pattern. The players simply do not want to grind for hours for an item. On top of it, there is a monthly subscription cost. To be honest, many of us thought that WoW: Classic could have been free considering new players would have a chance to have a go at the World of Warcraft universe. But then again we are simply players, not the marketing team.  Additionally, players should have an option to transfer their characters beyond 60 levels if they wish to. If the WoW: Classic becomes time-consuming, how will Blizzard be able to keep their user base?

Players already can, with a monthly subscription, play up to Legion right now. How many new players will want to try out something that does not offer the full game? Only some players who want to reminisce the old days might probably try the WoW: Classic. But in this age of gaming, competition is fierce and companies need to do a lot in order to satisfy their user base.

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