The United States Navy and Evil Geniuses Announce Partnership

The United States Navy and Evil Geniuses Announce Partnership
  • The United States Navy continues to build on its esports initiative with another organization partnership. The partnership between Evil Geniuses and the U.S Navy was recently announced.

Recently we announced that the United States Navy is partnering with Dreamhack and ESL. The United States Army sees esports as a new industry to move their marketing to. In that manner, Evil Geniuses announced its partnership with United States Navy Forces. The partnership is for a video series. The video series will contain 6 episodes. Also, Evil Geniuses will help the United States Navy’s CS:GO team. The team was founded recently and performed at Dreamhack. This shows how much esports continues to grow in all directions.

United States Navy Esports Video Series

The 6 episodes will be on  YouTube and Twitch the series will show Evil Geniuses and the Navy’s Goats and Glory competitive team. Their experiences will definitely be a sight to see. Also, we are expecting these teams to make a demonstration at TwitchCon. Both teams will be at the Navy’s booth at the TwitchCon, and expected play together in live Twitch streams.

This will be an impressive event and we can not wait to see how a sailor and an esports player team up and learn from each other. As we have mentioned, to this that the United States Navy would get involved in esports would unthinkable.

Capt. Matt Boren, Chief Marketing Officer at Navy Recruiting Command, stated

“Partnering with the Evil Geniuses provides the Navy a unique opportunity to engage with some of the world’s top gamers and improve relatability with prospective Sailors. The skill sets utilized by Evil Geniuses—problem analysis, risk assessment, sensory perception, and split-second decision-making—are the same skill sets required to succeed in critical Navy career fields, such as nuclear engineering, aviation, special warfare, cryptology, and counterintelligence.” – Source

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