Splitgate Esports Announced – Divergence Series Starts June 15th

Splitgate Esports Announced - Divergence Series Starts June 15th

1047 Games has just announced the start of Splitgate Esports, which will have teams play in the “Divergence Series” starting June 15th. Scrims for Splitgate can still be done through SAW Scrims.

Splitgate Esports Announced

The official Splitgate Arena Warfare Discord channel has announced “Divergence – Splitgate Esports”. Additionally, SAW Scrims is now operated by 1047 Games. Taken from Spligate’s Discord Announcement:

“As part of 1047 Games commitment to competitive play, SAW Scrims is now owned and operated by 1047 Games and will be the new, official home base for all things competitive Splitgate.”

What is SAW Scrims?

SAW Scrims is a Discord channel where Splitgate Arena Warfare players can set up scrims and tournaments. SAW Scrims also has a website where challenges are created and players can participate in. There’s also a leaderboard to show the progress of everyone who’s involved. Now with the recent announcement from 1047 Games, all Splitgate Esports news and announcements will be made on the Splitgate Esports channel.

Introduction if the Divergence Series

The first announcement on the SAW Scrims & Tournaments channel was the introduction of Divergence – Splitgate Esports. Divergence is an esports tournament where teams can sign up and participate in league play. The preseason kicks off on June 15th to June 16th. Teams are encouraged to register now before it closes on the 15th.

Rules of Divergence Series

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Teams of 4 (+1 sub allowed)
  • Single Elimination Bracket
  • Best of 3
  • Game modes (in this order): Domination, King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch
  • Maps:
    • Game 1 will be played on Pantheon
    • Game 2 – Winner of Game 1 bans a map; Loser of Game 1 picks map for Game 2 from remaining map pool
    • Game 3 – Winner of Game 2 bans a map; Loser of Game 2 picks map for Game 2 from remaining map pool
  • The top two teams from each weekly tournament will automatically qualify for the monthly

Currently, only three teams have registered, with one Pool opened. We’re assuming as more teams register, more Pool will open and matches will be organized accordingly. If you’re interested in participating in Splitgate Esports, sign-up here.

The Era of Splitgate Esports Begins Now - Divergence.GG
Source: 1047 Games



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