Splitgate Arena Warfare Launch Prize Pack Giveaway Details

Splitgate Arena Warfare Giveaway Contest
Source: GFuel Twitter

GFuel Energy is going a Splitgate Arena Warfare Giveaway to celebrate the game’s release last Friday. Check below for details.

Splitgate Arena Warfare Giveaway

After countless testing periods and a delayed release date, Splitgate finally made it’s release last Friday. The game passed 100,000 players on Saturday as reported by SAW’s community manager CaptQWERTY. The same day he reported a patch update to fix the small lingering issues that were left unnoticed in the game. As Splitgate Arena Warfare continues to get new users, G Fuel Energy is doing a giveaway to celebrate the game’s release.

Giveaway Details

One lucky winner will walk away with a bunch of high-end accessories. Here’s what you can win if you participate in the giveaway:

  • Alienware Elite Mouse
  • Alienware Pro Keyboard
  • 1 Year Supply of GFuel
  • Astro A40 (White or Black)
  • Nvidia RTX 2070

The giveaway is worldwide, so anyone can enter. To enter, click the Gfuel Link in the tweet below:

That will bring you to the official playr.gg page where you’ll see all the actions you can take in order to increase your chances of being chosen. The way it works is that you’ll need to click each action to accumulate points. So for example, the first action is to “Wishlist / play Splitgate: Arena Warfare on Steam!” Once you click on that, you’ll be asked to login with either your Twitch, Facebook or Twitter login. This will essentially lock your account in and let G Fuel know you’ve completed the task. That will get you 50 points.

To accumulate more points, you simply go down the list. You’re basically following all the brands associated with the giveaway. There’s also bonus entry which is done daily. Completing this checklist will increase your chances of being chosen.

The giveaway ends on Jun 6th 2019 at 5:30 PM. As of this writing, there’s 10 days and 10 hours left to enter.

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