Shroud Announces His Shift Of Streaming From Twitch To Mixer

Shroud Announces His Shift Of Streaming From Twitch To Mixer
  • Twitch loses another megastar to Mixer. Shroud has now announced his move on Twitter, only a few months after the move of Ninja. Shroud sits at #3 on Twitch’s most followers list with over 6 million followers.

Lately, a lot of streaming platform switching has been happening. Microsoft is making major moves by acquiring megastars of Twitch to stream onto their platform. This time they have added one of the most popular streamers of all time Micheal “Shroud” Grzesiek to Mixer. Shroud abandoned the Amazon-owned streaming service to go stream for Microsoft’s Mixer platform.

Shroud announced his move

Shroud is known for his absolute ability to adapt to games almost instantaneously. Being a former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, gathering a crowd is not at all difficult for him. Shroud has been in the streaming scene for long; he is a full-time streamer and has been almost owning it. With a massive view count every time he streams and a huge fan following.

Grzesiek, made his announcement on Twitter today. His first stream on the new platform will be today at 8 pm ET. He made this official by making an awesome announcement video. In the video, he says with subtlety “He is making moves.” After the move of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, this is a big hit to Twitch. Two of the most popular streamers of this generation has shifted to Mixer. Shroud also tweeted about the move captioning it “Same Shroud. New home.” These are some serious situations, the competition is heating up between two streaming giants. Mixer also tweeted about the homecoming of Shroud.

Ninja left Twitch August which completely shook the industry. Shroud and Ninja both are retired professional players who started streaming after making a name in the e-sports world. Ninja was a former Halo pro player before making a name for himself in the battle royale genre. Blevins made a statement on Shroud’s move “massive move for the platform and the streaming industry.”

Shroud may have dropped the hammer too hard and almost suddenly on the viewers. Recently, he said during his stream after Ninja’s departure from Twitch, “Hey man, Ninja’s gone.” “It’s all me, baby. Gotta take advantage.”

This whole move goes on to prove that the rock stars of Twitch aren’t as tied to the streaming service as it may look on face value. It may be due to various factors. Recently, Twitch hasn’t exactly been in the good books of the streamers. Reports suggested that Ninja signed a hefty contract with his new employer, Mixer, to exclusively stream there. It may be financial problems or just problems in general, such as burnout issues where streamers are streaming day and night to make a living while not making enough money. These reasons are some of the reasons streamers are looking elsewhere.

Jessica Blevins, Ninja’s manager, and wife told that it has been challenging to build the Ninja brand to its maximum potential on Twitch. There are a lot of limitations and boundaries which are present on Twitch.

She said, “Money was the last thing on our mind,” “It’s like, they don’t even know what went on behind the scenes and how hard we tried to make that deal work — and then how amazing Microsoft was for us.”

The Competition ensues

Even though Mixer is gradually gaining popularity, it still has miles to go to compete with a streaming giant as Twitch. Twitch was not in the game since the beginning; they started the streaming game. Data, released by StreamElements in partnership with streaming analytics site, found that just after Blevins joined the platform, hours watched on Mixer jumped about 3 million in August. Twitch jumped from 850.6 million to 932.1 million in the same time, according to StreamElements’ data. But we can see the saturation point is yet to be achieved. New players are entering the market and making huge moves.

At this point, all we can say is that nothing is permanent as we think it is. No one could have imagined until yesterday that Shroud will make such a gigantic move. The companies profit a lot for these. A massive user base shifting from one platform to another and then investing in micro-transactions. Ninja has the almost same view count on Mixer as he had on Twitch. This goes to show that the signing of megastars is not a bad move whatsoever. It is the beginning of an insane battle.

Twitch has also acquired some big names from Youtube Gaming. My opinion is that streaming companies should improve their policies and all over-functioning to prevent such switches from happening.

Let’s wait it out and see who takes the throne ultimately in the end. Youtube gaming, Twitch, and Mixer are at it. They are signing big names and tipping the balance in their favor. With all that is happening, we can only speculate who is going to sign who next. Leave your thoughts about what you think about this new battle.

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