Rocket League’s Radical Summer Event Coming June 10th

Rocket League's Radical Summer Event Coming June 10th
Source: PlayStation

The 80’s and Rocket League are teaming up together to bring you the Radical Summer Event all summer long, and you’re invited!

Rocket League Radical Summer Event

Rocket League is bringing you a new event called Radical Summer. The event is 80’s themed which is a celebration of the 1980’s. Rocket League fans were waiting for an update from the fun vehicular soccer video game. As E3 is approaching, Rocket League wasn’t waiting around for the major event to release the news.

The Radical Summer will be the largest in-game event in the game’s four-year history. It kicks off June 10th and will last for nine weeks. The event will be honoring some of the most iconic 80’s movies, television shows and culture of the decade. Players will be able to get free new items and experience limited time modes such as:

  • Ghost-hunt
  • Spike Rush
  • Beach Ball

Additionally, players will get an assortment of new premium licensed DLC’s to enjoy all summer long.

Radical Summer Event Breakdown

The event will be broken down into three events:

  • ’80s Blockbusters: June 10 – July 1
  • ’80s Culture: July 1 – July 22
  • ’80s Television July 22 – August 12

Each event will last three weekends and feature a collection of iconic 80’s inspired game modes never before seen. In the events, you can play online matches to earn “Cassettes” and redeem them for 80’s themed items in the online store for the entire summer. For those who won’t be able to join in on the fun will have a “last chance” week down the line in August, so they will be able to enjoy what the 80’s have to offer in Rocket League.

Here’s the official video trailer for the Radial Summer event:

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