PS5 Will be Backwards Compatible. Confirmed by Mark Cerny.

PS5 Will be Backwards Compatible. Confirmed by Mark Cerny.

Mark Cerny confirmed that PS5 will be backwards compatible during an interview with Wired.

PlayStation 5

There’s no official date yet as to when the PS5 will be released, and, if the new generation console will even be called “PlayStation 5“. A lot has yet to be said, but as Mark Cerny continues to do interviews, we acquire a little more information of what’s happening behind the scenes. Currently, this is what we know so far about PlayStation’s new generation console.

PS5 Specs

Last week we received more information about the PS5 specifications. Here’s what we know so far.

  • SSD
  • Native 8k
  • Ray Tracing Technology built-in (RTX)
  • AMD 8 Core
  • 3D Audio

Additionally, the PS5 will have a disc-drive and will not be fully digital, which will allow gamers who prefer physical copies to continue buying them in-store. In terms of what type of disc will be produced for the PlayStation 5; we’re not sure yet. It’s definitely possibly that the next gen console will have the ability to handle 4K UHD Blu-Rays which is more powerful in terms of what is can store compared to the standard Blu-Ray discs that the PS4 handles.

PS5 Will be Backwards Compatible

Mark Cerny confirmed that the PS5 will be backwards compatible. (source: wired).

“For example, the next-gen console will still accept physical media; it won’t be a download-only machine. Because it’s based in part on the PS4’s architecture, it will also be backward-compatible with games for that console.”

The backward compatibility will allow PS4 games to run faster than they currently do given the extra boost of power the next gen console will have. This is great news for gamers who were disappointed that PS4 didn’t have the backward capability to play PS3 games. Cerny also demonstrated the backward compatibility power of the PS% by playing Spider-man, a 2018 PlayStation 4 exclusive on the PS4 Pro. Cerny continued playing the game to initiate a fast-travel interstitial screen, in which 15 seconds elapsed. After taking down the time it took during the fast-travel interstitial screen, Cerny did the exact same scenario on the next-gen devkit. It only took 0.8 seconds for the same scenario to play on on the PS5.

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